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Opinions Throughout History  

This exciting new series offers a wide range of insights into long-standing issues that Americans are most concerned about, and those that have encouraged vigorous debate among politicians and citizens at large. Using carefully chosen original documents that cover a wide time span, Opinions Throughout History weaves a thoughtful and easy-to-understand analysis of how public opinion is formed and evolves, starting the discussion at an historical, seminal moment, and ending with where we stand today.

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Working Americans  

Each volume in the widely successful Working Americans series focuses on a particular class, gender, type or time period of American history and vividly illustrates what life was like for that group over time. Profiles cover a wide range of ethnic groups and span the entire country, providing a thorough examination of the lives of all types of Americans in that particular group. Each volume is divided into easy-to-use, decade-long chapters, so readers can quickly locate details on a particular time period.

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