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America's Top-Rated Cities

America’s Top-Rated Cities provides current, comprehensive statistical information and other essential data on the top 100 cities-with estimated populations of approxmiately 100,000 or more-voted best for business and living in the United States. This 2018 edition features hundreds of new rankings and has been extensively updated to make sure hundreds of charts, tables, and data sets contain the most current information available.  Plus, we’ve added four new cities: Baton Rouge, LA; Edison, NJ; Little Rock, AR; and Tuscon, AZ.

Each detailed City Report is broken down into three sections:

  • BACKGROUND: lively narrative of significant, up-to-date news for both business and residents. These combine historical facts with current developments, “known-for” annual events, and climate data.
  • RANKINGS: fun-to-read, bulleted survey results from over 250 books, magazines, and online articles, ranging from general (Great Places to Live), to specific (Friendliest Cities), and everything in between.
  • STATISTICAL TABLES: 125 tables and detailed topics—several new and expanded—that offer an unparalleled view of each city’s Business and Living Environments. They are carefully organized with data that is easy to read and understand.
  • APPENDICES: five in all, appearing at the end of each volume. These range from listings of Metropolitan Statistical Areas to Comparative Statistics for all 100 cities.

This new edition of America’s Top-Rated Cities includes cities that not only surveyed well, but ranked highest using our unique weighting system. We looked at violent crime, property crime, population growth, median household income, housing affordability, poverty, educational attainment, and unemployment. You’ll find that a number of American cities remain “top-rated” despite less-than-stellar numbers. New York, Los Angeles, and Miami remain world-class cities despite challenges faced by many large urban centers. A final consideration is location—we strive to include as many states in the country as possible.

Each city report incorporates information from hundreds of sources, such as magazines, websites, federal, state, and local statistics to show concise social, business, economic, demographic, and environmental profiles of each city.  This is information that would take countless hours to find, all brought together in one informative resource. 

Appendices include:

  • Comparative Statistics
  • Metropolitan Area Definitions
  • Government Type and County
  • Chambers of Commerce and Economic Developement Organizations
  • State Departments of Labor and Employment

America’s Top-Rated Cities is designed for a wide range of readers, including private individuals seeking to relocate their residence or business, professionals considering expanding their business or changing careers, government agencies, general researchers, market researchers, real estate consultants, human resource personnel, urban planners, investors, and more. 

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