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America's Top-Rated Cities

America’s Top-Rated Cities provides current, comprehensive statistical information and other essential data in one easy-to-use source on the top 100 cities that have been cited as the best for business and living in the United States.

This new edition has been completely updated with new cities, new rankings, and many new statistical topics. Each volume covers a different region of the country—Southern, Western, Central, and Eastern—and includes a detailed Table of Contents, City Chapters, Appendices, and Maps. Each city chapter incorporates information from hundreds of resources to create the following major sections:

  • Background: Lively narrative of significant, up-to-date news for both businesses and residents. These combine historical facts with current developments, “known-for” annual events, and climate data.
  • Rankings: Fun-to-read, bulleted survey results from over 250 books, magazines, and online articles, ranging from general (Great Places to Live), to specific (Friendliest Cities), and everything in between.
  • Statistical Tables: 127 tables and detailed topics that offer an unparalleled view of each city’s Business and Living Environments. They are carefully organized with data that is easy to read and understand. Statistical data covers cost of living, finances, taxes, population, commercial real estate, education, major employers, media, crime, climate, housing vacancies, tax audits, bankruptcy, presidential election results and more.
  • Appendices: Chambers of Commerce, State Departments of Labor and Employment, Historical Metropolitan Area Definitions and Current Metropolitan Area Definitions

The Rankings are presented in an easy-to-read, bulleted format and include results from both annual surveys and one-shot studies. Fastest-Growing Economies . . . Best Drivers . . . Most Well-Read . . . Most Wired . . . Healthiest for Women . . . Best for Minority Entrepreneurs . . . Safest . . . Best to Retire . . . Most Polite . . . Best for Moviemakers . . . Most Frugal . . . Best for Bikes . . . Most Cultured . . . Least Stressful . . . Best for Families . . . Most Romantic . . . Most Charitable . . . Best for Telecommuters . . . Best for Singles . . . Nerdiest . . . Fittest . . . Best for Dogs . . . Most Tattooed . . . Best for Wheelchair Users, and more.

America’s Top-Rated Cities is designed for a wide range of readers: private individuals considering relocating a residence or business; professionals considering expanding their business or changing careers; government agencies; general and market researchers; real estate consultants; human resource personnel; urban planners and investors. This outstanding source of information will be widely useful in any reference collection.

VOLUME 1                         VOLUME 2                            VOLUME 3                         VOLUME 4

Athens, GA                         Albuquerque, NM               Ann Arbor, MI                   Allentown, PA
Atlanta, GA                         Anchorage, AK                    Cedar Rapids, IA               Boston, MA
Austin, TX                           Boise City, ID                       Chiacago, IL                       Charlotte, NC
Baton Rouge, LA               Boulder, CO                         Columbia, MO                   Cincinnatti, OH  *NEW*
Cape Coral, FL                   Colorado Springs, CO         Davenport, IA                   Cleveland, OH
Charleston, SC                   Denver, CO                          Des Moines, IA                  Columbus, OH
Clarksville, TN                    Fort Collins, CO                   Fargo, ND                          Durham, NC
College Station, TX            Greeley, CO                         Fort Wayne, IN                  Eddison, NJ
Columbia, SC                     Honolulu, HI                        Grand Rapids, MI              Fayetteville, NC
Dallas, TX                            Las Vegas, NV                      Green Bay, WI                   Greensboro, NC
El Paso, TX                          Los Angeles, CA                   Indianapolis, IN                Lexington, KY
Fort Worth, TX                    Phoenix, AZ                         Lincoln, NE                         Louisville, KY
Houston, TX                        Portland, OR                        Little Rock, AR                   Manchester, NH
Huntsville, AL                      Provo, UT                             Madison, WI                      New Haven, CT
Jacksonville, FL                    Reno, NV                              Milwaukee, WI                  New York, New York
Lafayette, LA                       Riverside, CA  *NEW*         Minneapolis, MN              Philadelphia, PA
Lakeland, FL                        Sacaremento, CA                Oklahoma City, OK           Pittsburgh, PA
Memphis, TN  *NEW*        Salt Lake City, UT                Omaha, NE                        Providence, RI
Miami, FL                             San Diego, CA                      Peoria, IL                            Raleigh, NC
Midland, TX                         San Francisco, CA                Rochester, MN                  Richmond, VA
Nashville, TN                       San Jose, CA                         Sioux Falls, SD                   Virginia Beach, VA
New Orleans, LA                 Santa Rosa, CA                    Springfield, IL                    Washington, D.C.
Orlando, FL                         Seattle, WA                           Tulsa, OK                            Winston-Salem, NC
San Antonio, TX                  Tucson, AZ                           Wichita, KS
Savannah, GA
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL
Tuscaloosa, AL

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