R.R. Bowker's Children's Books in Print

2024 Edition

Children’s Books in Print, now in its 55th Edition, is the go-to source for bibliographic information on the thousands of children’s and young adult titles published or distributed in the United States. This three-volume, 3,500+ page edition offers users immediate access to over 275,000 children’s books from over 20,000 U.S. publishers.

This new edition, with tens of thousands more entries than the previous edition, is a vital resource for any librarian with young readers as patrons. This reference tool allows users to track down any children’s book—even hard-to-find titles from small presses. With so many titles, authors, illustrators, publishers, wholesalers, and distributors all in one consolidated source, finding the key information young readers need to track down their favorite books has never been easier.

2024’s Children’s Books in Print is separated into three large volumes, the first includes books published after 2003. The second and third include the Author and Illustrator indexes, with listings for approximately 60,000 contributors. The Name Publishers index with full contact information for all of the publishers listed in the bibliographic entries is included at the end of the book, followed by a separate index to wholesalers and distributors.

Volume I begins with a special “How to Use” guide, with information on Compilation, Data Acquisition, ISBN Agency, SAN (Standard Address Number), and more. Next come lists of Publisher Country Codes, Country Sequence, Language Codes, and Abbreviations, making sure users can quickly and efficiently navigate this guide.

The Title Index (A-P) comprises the remainder of Volume I. Each entry in this Index contains definitive information about each book, including: Title, Contributor, Edition, Publication Year, Number of Pages, Grade, Binding Type, ISBN, Publisher, and Imprint Symbol.

Volume II features the remainder of the Title Index (Q-Z) and is followed by an Author Index (A-N), where users can search for all works written or illustrated by a specific contributor.

Volume III features the remainder of the Author Index (O-Z) and is followed by the Illustrator Index. The Publisher Name Index follows, and each entry provides important company details such as Publisher Name, ISBN Prefixes, Division, CIP Identifier, SAN, Distributors, and Contact Information. The volume finally closes with the Wholesaler & Distributor Name Index, providing key components such as Distributor Name, ISBN Prefix, Division, SAN, and Contact Information.

For 55 consecutive years, R.R. Bowker’s Children’s Books in Print has served as a top-shelf resource for librarians and their young patrons across the country. With over 275,000 titles on file, this updated reference tool continues to provide valuable, detailed information on children’s and young adult books far and wide.

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