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The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders

The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders, 2021/2022 provides current, understandable medical information, resources and support services for over 200 pediatric disorders. A repeat winner of the National Health Information Awards “Honoring the Nation’s Best Consumer Health Information Programs and Materials” award, this reference work provides vital information for afflicted children and their support network, including family, friends, and medical professionals. This reference work includes 8,000 listings, and each listing has updated contact data – address, phone, fax, web site, e-mail – and helpful descriptions. Users will find 6,000 fax numbers, 6,000 e-mail addresses, 7,000 web sites and 14,000 key executives – many more data points than the last edition.

The disorders and issues covered in this guide have been determined to be most prevalent in the pediatric population, ages 0-18. They include both physical and mental conditions, and range from cancer to nightmares.

The front matter for The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders includes:
Two glossaries. The first is a guide to medical terminology that provides important navigational tips and more than 200 commonly used medical prefixes, roots and suffixes to help readers decipher terms they may encounter in the disorder descriptions or in other resources they are using. The second glossary includes medical acronyms, especially as they relate to vaccines.

Guidelines for Obtaining Additional Information and Research. These guidelines assist parents and caregivers who are interested in obtaining more information on such diverse topics as physicians who specialize in certain pediatric disorders, accredited hospitals, approved drugs or medical devices for certain pediatric conditions, or current clinical trials that are investigating possible new therapies for particular diseases.

A valuable list of Disorders by Biologic System.

"Modest Increase in Kids' Physical Activity Could Avert Billions in Medical and Other Costs" is a new article to this edition.

This resource is a one-stop resource, enabling professionals and the families they serve to obtain immediate, important information from one comprehensive source. It is organized into six detailed sections:

Section I: Disorders:
This section includes over 300 major disorder chapters that comprise more than 200 specific disorders, diseases, or conditions. They are arranged in alphabetical order, from Achondroplasia to Wilson Disease. Each chapter begins with an extensive description, written in understandable language. The descriptions in this eighth edition have been reviewed by medical professionals to include the most up-to-date methods of diagnosis and treatment. Each description includes: Disorder name and synonyms; Primary symptoms; Physical findings; Related Disorders; Cause: Body system affected; Standard treatment.

Section II: General Resources:
This section includes 1,000 resources, including Government Agencies, National Associations, State Agencies, Support Groups, Newsletters, Books, Magazines, Camps and Wish Foundations. These may not be limited to a specific disorder, but offer information and support for categories of disorders. Users will find resources on not only physical pediatric disorders, but also on mental and emotional conditions that affect our younger population. There are also resources that deal with multi-disorder conditions.

Section III: The Human Body:
This educational element is comprised of 15 detailed descriptions of body systems or medical categories. This section is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the human body, enabling the user to broaden his or her understanding of how a particular disorder affects a specific body system(s) and further, how it may relate to the body as a whole. It includes twelve specific body systems, from Cardiovascular to Urologic, plus two additional chapters: Human Cells and Child Growth & Development.

The back matter of The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders includes: 

  • Entry Index
  • Geographic Index
  • Disorder & Related Term Index
  • Glossary of Medical Prefixes, Suffixes and Roots

The Complete Resource Guide for Pediatric Disorders is available for subscription online at, for even faster, easier access to this vast array of information. With a subscription, users can search by disorder, keyword, geographic area, bodily system, and much more. Visit the site or call (800) 562-2139 to set up a free trial of the Online Database.

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