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Guide to Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations

This guide is a comprehensive reference work of health care purchasing entities that negotiate more than 65% of all health care products purchased by hospitals and related facilities, as well as the institutions they represent. Listings not only include Group Purchasing Organizations, but also other types of organizations that make volume health care purchases, including: multi-hospital corporations, multi-nursing home corporations, alliances, provider management companies, physicians' offices, and integrated delivery networks.

Recent years have brought tremendous changes to the business side of health care, including consolidations of health care organizations and the closing of many organizations' doors. As a result, the universe of Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) is smaller than in years past, but the lists of Member Institutions, for which each GPO manages purchasing, have grown. This edition reflects this change in the industry, with 641 Group Purchasing Organizations in the United States and Canada and roughly 11,500 member institutions.

These organization profiles contain 5,000 key executives, 870 phone numbers, and 620 websites.

All Group Purchasing Organization profiles are arranged alphabetically by name. All Member Institutions are arranged by state, then alphabetically by name. Listings in the main body of the work include basic contact information, such as name, address, phone, fax, email, website, and year founded, plus the following hard-to-find data:

  • Organization Information - number of purchasing proprietary members, type of members, number of beds, number of outpatient procedures;
  • Product Category Negotiated;
  • Vendor Proposal Requirements;
  • Key Executives - with purchasing titles clearly grouped;
  • Membership Fees
  • Group Affiliations
  • Alternate Sites
  • Member Institutions - individual institutions (hospitals, clinics, and private offices) whose health care purchases are managed by the listed organizations.

Five indexes are also included to help users find exactly what they're looking for:
Expanded Services Index: An alphabetical list of organizations, categorized by Information Systems Consulting, Clinical Outcomes Analysis Assistance, Managed Care Consulting, Assistance in Cultivating Hospital/Physician Relationships, and Material Management Benchmarking.
Geographic Index: A state-by-state listing of all organizations in the guide.
Key Personnel Index: An alphabetical listing of all key contacts, including their affiliated organization. Specific purchasers and buyers are italicized.
Member Institutions Index: An alphabetical listing of all member institutions in the directory.
Organization Type Index: An alphabetical listing of all organizations, categorized by the following types: Group Purchasing Organization, Alliance, Provider Management Company, Physician’s Office, and Integrated Delivery Network.

Featuring more new listings and member institutions than ever before, the 2022 edition of Guide to Health Care Group Purchasing Organizations is the most current and comprehensive resource on Group Purchasing Organizations, their key executives, their key purchasing agents, and the Member Institutions they represent. This easy-to-use guide is an invaluable tool for anyone researching or marketing a product or service to these important organizations.

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