(800) 562-2139 www.greyhouse.com GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! 12 General Reference The World “This is the most current information available for the political and economic state of the world’s nations.” –ARBA “This is a great reference tool for public, academic, and special library collections.” –Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship “This source is an excellent starting point for beginning researchers and librarians seeking ready reference material.” –CHOICE “This book is not only a welcome contribution, but also a much needed one.” –Military and Naval History Journal EDITION Nations of the World, 2018 Encyclopedia of War Journalism The 2018 edition of Nations of the World profiles every nation and self-governing territory around the world, offering political, economic, and business information in an easy-to-access, single-volume format. Supplemented by maps, charts, and tables, this in-depth resource provides researchers with unique, detailed background on every country around the world. Each 20+ page country report contains: • Expert Analysis – A reliable overview of recent, important political and economic trends and events, plus an economic and political outlook for the country • Map of the Nation – Clearly marked with key cities and towns • Key Facts – Important data, including Official Name, Head of State, Land Area, Official Language, Currency, Unemployment, Foreign Debt, and Visitor Numbers • Key Indicators – This concise, easy-to-read chart of Economic Indicators provide a Five-Year Economic Development Profile at a glance, detailing trends in Population, GNP, Inflation, Exports, Total Reserves, and Exchange Rate • Country Profile – Contains essential, accurate information including an Historical Profile, Political Parties, Population Characteristics, Labor & Unemployment, Education & Health, Language, Domestic Economy, Tourism, and Financial Markets • Business Guide & Business Directory – details important information on Telephone & Area Codes, Car Rental Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Banking, Travel Information and Web Sites With 2,800 pages of political, economic and business information, narrative overviews, charts and maps, this new edition of Nations of the World is a timely and immensely valuable reference acquisition to all public, academic, and special library collections. This updated third edition examines the development, history and current state of war journalism. From the Mexican War in 1846 to the current conflicts in the Middle East and everything in-between, this important reference tool provides a unique look at how conflicts have been covered over the last 200 years. This expanded third edition contains: • Over 900 A-Z Entries covering reporters, photographers, and artists, along with significant events and terms related to war reporting. Over 100 articles are new to the third edition, including Al Jazeera, Anderson Cooper, YouTube, Kidnappings, Post-Traumatic Stress, and more. • A Primary Documents section with over 40 documents for added sources of research, include important newspaper articles, resignation letters, speeches, and correspondence. • Over 20 helpful Appendices, including lists of Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondents, films that portray war correspondents, and more. • A new Historical Timeline presents a chronology of important events affecting war journalism allowing the reader to see the profession in an historical context. • Comprehensive Bibliography and Cumulative Subject Index This updated edition is both a starting point and detailed research tool to explore the flow of information on the battlefield and the home front. With thorough coverage of war journalism around the world, this encyclopedia is a helpful addition to public, university, and high school library collections. 2018 Edition | February 2018 | 2,800 pages | Softcover | ISBN 978-1-68217-387-9 | $180 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform Third Edition | July 2015 | 600 pages | Hardcover | SBN 978-1-61925-745-0 | $165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform SEVENTEENTH EDITION THIRD EDITION