(800) 562-2139 www.greyhouse.com GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! 42 Resources From Salem Press Salem Press Literature & History SALEM LITERATURE Written by esteemed literary scholars, Salem’s Literature Collection presents fresh analysis of the most-studied classroom works and authors from around the world. Salem Literature provides authoritative insights and analysis suitable for students and teachers alike. Students come away with an enriched sense of the many ways the authors, works and themes can be studied, appreciated, written and talked about, making these important connections themselves with easy-to-use guidance. CRITICAL INSIGHTS Provides important critical analysis of the world’s most- studied literature. Over 200 titles to choose from, these in-depth resources focus on Authors, Works, Themes, Film and Approaches to Literary Criticism. Authors Works Themes Film Approaches Visit www.salempress.com for a full list of titles in this series. All include Free Online Access. April 2018, 2 Volumes 978-1-68217-680-1, $210 December 2017, 8 Volumes 978-1-68217-622-1, $599 September 2018, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-907-9, $185 January 2018, 6 Volumes 978-1-68217-615-3, $499 December 2016, 6 Volumes 978-1-68217-128-8, $499 October 2015, 1 Volume 978-1-61925-864-8, $125 August 2018, 2 Volumes 978-1-68217-908-6, $295 October 2018, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-912-3, $195 March 2017, 3 Volumes 978-1-68217-278-0, $295 January 2011, 14 Volumes 978-1-58765-582-1, $1,295 FEATURED LITERATURE TITLES Visit www.salempress.com for a full list of titles in Salem’s Literature series. All include Free Online Access. EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION