(800) 562-2139 www.greyhouse.com IMPORTANT COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS 48 RESOURCES from H.W. WILSON Core Collections & The Reference Shelf H.W. WILSON’S CORE COLLECTIONS Created by Librarians, for Librarians: For over 60 years, H.W. Wilson’s Core Collections have been a librarian’s must-have collection development guide to the best fiction and nonfiction works for all types of libraries. Each Core Collection is designed specifically to provide collection development guidance and reader’s advisory support to public libraries, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. Thousands of Recommended Titles for your Specific Collection: Each volume highlights thousands of recommended books and resources for each type of collection. Whether you’re collecting for a public library, a high school, middle school or an elementary school, Core Collections gives you immediate access to the best titles you and your patrons won’t want to miss. The careful selection in each Core Collection makes it easy to locate the best of the best titles to potentially add to your collection, or to find titles that can be weeded out. March 2017, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-071-7, $420 November 2017, 2 Volumes 978-1-68217-235-3, $240 January 2018, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-238-4, $295 October 2018, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-665-8, $295 August 2017, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-239-1, $255 June 2016, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-070-0, $295 July 2018, 1 Volume 978-1-68217-083-0, $295 “I don’t know how librarians can do collection management without H.W. Wilson’s Core Collections. I routinely purchase the newest editions of Public Library Core Collection: Nonfiction, Fiction Core Collection and Children’s Core Collection. I plan to give my old copies to a library that doesn’t have one...it’s that necessary.” –K.B., Librarian, McLean County, IL Visit www.hwwilsoninprint.com for more information on the Core Collection series. Please note that Core Collections do not come with free online access. EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION EDITION