b'17Speakers of the SECOND EDITIONHouse of Representatives,1789-2021 EDITION The content in the book is well researched and comprehensive. it contains enough extra material, in the form of the historical essays and primary documents that it is worth the modest price for libraries serving programs in high school or undergraduate U.S. history.ARBAPresiding over the House of Representatives and second in the U.S. presidential line of succession, the Speaker of the House has particular influence over U.S. politics.This volume provides researchers with in-depth and thought- HISTORYprovoking information about the key figures that held this important political position. Arranged by term of service, thoughtfully-written biographies feature 54 Speakers of the House. Each biography details the Speakers political background, important events during their post and significant contributions to the position. Biographies cover personal history, early years in Congress, voting history, acceptance speech, legacy as Speaker, and events after the Speakership. Several Historical Essays cover the formation, history, and current events surrounding the Speaker. Additional materials include Primary Documents, several Appendices, an Historical Timeline, a comprehensive Bibliography, and Cumulative Index. This resource brings together a wealth of information on individual Speakers,the history of the position, and its changing role in U.S. politics, and will be a valuable addition to public libraries,high schools, and university libraries, along with history and political science collections.Second Edition|September 2021|One Volume, 652 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-834-7|$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformFrom Suffrage to the Senate FOURTH EDITIONBEST SELLER!Americas Political WomenA well-researched, skillfully organized reference on American womens influenceon public life.Recommended for all public and academic libraries. Library JournalThis two-volume set explores American womens path to political power and social equality, from the struggle for the right to vote and the abolition of slavery, to the first African American woman in the U.S. Senate and beyond. With an emphasis on modern pioneers from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds such as Kirsten Gillibrand, Barbara Comstock, Maxine Waters, Nikki Haley, Pramila Jayapal, Lisa Murkowski, and Kamala Harris, From Suffrage to the Senate covers the individuals, organizations, movements, publications, milestones, legislative victories, and court cases that have changed the face of American politics.In-depth biographies cover politicians, journalists, lawyers, activists, and campaigners.Topical entries cover court cases, organizations, movements, and social issues relevant to American political women.Other sections include Primary Documents, Facts & Statistics, an Historical Timeline,and a rich Bibliography.This reference is a must-purchase for womens studies departments, high schools, and public libraries and will be a handy resource for those researching the key players in womens politics. Fourth Edition|September 2019|Two Volumes, 988 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-097-6 | $255 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformEncyclopedia of theUnited States CabinetTHIRD EDITION To find the material needed for such a book must have been a monumental task; to make it readable and, yes, even fascinating is Herculean! Most academic libraries will find it indispensable for history and political science students and faculty. Large public libraries will also want a copy. High-school libraries might consider purchase, especially if they have a strong advanced placement curriculum. BooklistWith its unique arrangement by administration, this set presents detailed information on over 600 cabinet members (plus 16 Confederate cabinet members).The set begins with in-depth Introductory Material to give readers important background information.Next, Historical Snapshots set the stage of each administration.Cabinet Essays define each cabinet by its successes, failures, and challenges. Essays describe what influenced the presidents choices, and how well the cabinet worked as a team. Also, in early administrations, readers will learn how each cabinet post originated.In-depth Cabinet Member Biographies detail family history, and positions held before being named to the Cabinet. These biographies document political agendas, accomplishments, and failures of the cabinet members, plus how they resigned, what they did after leaving the Cabinet, and details of how they died.Additional features include Primary Documents, several Appendices, an authoritative Bibliography and a Cumulative Index.This unique collection of data will be of great value to students of political science, librarians, scholars, lawyers, government officials, and all those with an interest in American history. Third Edition|October 2019|Two Volumes, 1,835 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-099-0|$275 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformeBooks are also available - visit www.greyhouse.com for more information(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2022-493 Grey House Spring 2023 Catalog R4.indd 17 2023-01-06 12:19 PM'