b'24 G rey HouseP ublishing Health & Wellness SeriesRECENT Dementia BEST SELLER! Handbook & Resource Guide FIRST EDITIONLibrary Journal Best Reference, 2020A handy one-stop resource that concentrates on identifying and locating dementia resources by diagnosis. Accurate and useful for those searching for basic information and a resource directory.Library Journal Starred ReviewA valuable one-book reference. A must-have for senior and geriatric HEALTHcenters, retirement homes, and hospital libraries, this guide also belongs in public, college, and university libraries for caretaker and patient use. BooklistToday, about 50 million people suffer from dementia. That number is expected to reach 82 million in 2030 and 152 million by 2050. This title is designed to bring together valuable information for the millions of individuals, family members, and caregivers affected by dementia. For those providing care and support to individuals with dementia, this resource provides helpful information and connects readers to many sources of support.Studies & Statistics About Dementia: A robust, colorful section of more than 300 pages includes detailed reports from The Alzheimers Association, the World Health Organization, andthe Centers for Disease Control. They cover attitudes toward dementia, a global action plan, prevalence, costs, care giving, and state statistics. Types of Dementia: This section includes 23 chapters, each covering a different type of dementia or health condition that can cause, relate to, or affect dementia.Chapters cover Alzheimers disease, brain tumors and injuries, drug & alcohol misuse, Huntingtons disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinsons disease, vascular dementia, environmental causes, and more. Each chapter begins with a concise description of the specific condition and goes on to include a variety ofresources for patients, their families and caregivers.Dementia Handbook & Resource Guide is a necessary reference for public and academic libraries, as well as health care and senior center collections, providing information crucial to sufferers of dementia, their broader support network, case workers, social workers, and other health care providers.First Edition|June 2020|One Volume, 564 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-388-6|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformRECENT Cardiovascular Disease First First EditionEdition Handbook & Resource Guide FIRST EDITIONCardiovascular Disease Handbook & Resource Guide combines valuable educational information for Handbook & Resource Guide CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE CARDIOVASCULAR patients and their families. It offers statistics, both national and by state, as well as discussions about prevention, treatment and outcomes. It includes details on 32 types of cardiovascular disease plus DISEASE information on a number of conditions that can cause, or affect it, including substance abuse and obesity. Studies & Statistics About Cardiovascular Disease: A robust, colorful section includes: Your Handbook & Resource Guide Guide to a Healthy Heart; Your Guide to Physical Activity and Your Heart; U.S. Maps of CardiovascularDisease Death Rates; Advancing Womens Heart Health; High Cholesterol; High Blood Pressure; and Advancing Heart, Lung, Blood, and Sleep Research Types of Cardiovascular Disease: This section includes 12 major chapters, including coronaryheart disease, acute coronary syndromes, congenital heart disease, cardiometabolic disease, cardiomyopathies, heart failure, stroke, pericardial heart disease, valvular disease, blood clots, and more.Conditions Affecting Cardiovascular Disease: This section includes chapters on alcoholism,substance use and abuse, Fabry disease, DiGeorge syndrome, diabetes and obesity, with descriptionsthat discuss their relationship to cardiovascular disease, and resources for further research.Cardiovascular Disease Handbook & Resource Guide is a necessary reference for public and academic 978-1-64265-470-7 libraries, as well as health care and consumer health collections, providing information crucial to sufferers of cardiovascular disease, their broader support network, case workers, social workers, and 4919 Route 22, PO Box 56, Amenia, NY 12501518-789-8700800-562-2139FAX 845-373-6360 other health care providers. www.greyhouse.comemail: books@greyhouse.com G R E Y H O U S E P U B L I S H I N GFirst Edition|December 2020|One Volume, 526 pages|Hardcover ISBN 978-1-63700-340-4|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2022-493 Grey House Spring 2023 Catalog R4.indd 24 2023-01-06 12:19 PM'