b'40Weiss Financial RatingsMedicare Supplement Insurance Buyers GuideConsumers may be able to save thousands on their Medicare Supplement Insurance by simply shopping around.We make it easy by providing patrons with their own customized Medigap report. They can: Learn what Medicare Does and Does Not Cover Compare Medicare Advantage Plans to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Pick a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan that is right for them. All plans (A-N) are explained in detail: what is covered under each plan; and which plans are available in their area.See the Premium Rates for each Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. This unique report lists all companies selling Medigap intheir area AND the actual rates they charge, so readers can easily locate the most inexpensive insurer. Locate the Best & Most Inexpensive Insurers, to find out which insurers are recommended and which companies to avoid.Find an Authorized Agent. Contact information and phone numbers are provided for each insurer.Call (800) 562-2139 or email ratings@greyhouse.com to tour the online database, setup a trial for yourlibrary or to get a price quote.EDITIONFinancial EDITIONFinancial Literacy: Literacy Basics Planning for the FutureThese easy-to-understand guidebooks This eight-volume set provides helpful guidance take the guesswork out of how to managefor readers who are ready for the next step in your money. their financial planning. How to Make and Stick to a BudgetLiving Together, Getting Married & How to Manage Debt Starting a Family Starting a 401(k)Buying a Home Health Insurance PlansInsurance StrategiesRenting an Apartment & Renters InsuranceHealthcare Coverage ChoicesCalculating the Cost of College, StudentIdentity Theft & Other ScamsLoans & How to Pay Them BackCareer Advancement Buying a Car & Auto InsuranceSaving for Your Childs Education Checking AccountsRetirement Planning StrategiesThese guides provide readers with helpful2023/24 Editioninformation on how to best manage their money 2023 Edition | March 2023 | Eight volumes, 500 pagesJune 2023and plan for their own, and their familys future.Softcover | ISBN 978-1-63700-206-3 | $359Eight volumes, 700 pages Includes Free Online Access on the Weiss Financial Ratings platform Softcover | ISBN 978-1-63700-207-0 | $359Includes Free Online Access on the Weiss Financial Ratings platformEDITIONWeiss Ratings EDITIONFinancial Strength Consumer Guides Ratings of Banks & FINANCIAL LITERACYProvides easy-to-understand guidance onCredit Unionsimportant personal finance topics: Health Savings Accounts More than ever, patrons need to make informedVariable Annuities decisions on which bank or credit union to choose.Medicare Supplement Insurance These helpful guides provide accurate, unbiased Elder Care Choices financial strength ratings of all Banks and CreditAutomobile Insurance Unions operating in the U.S. These ratings areLong-Term Care Insurance importantfor individuals who are concernedHomeowners Insurance about the safety of their CD or savings account,Term Life Insurance need to be sure that an existing line of creditMedicare Prescription Drug Coverage will be there when they need it, or simply want to avoid the hassles of dealing with a failing or Each of these guides is packed with accurate,troubled institution. With these guides, consumers unbiased information and recommendationscan make better informed decisions on the safest necessary to make sound financial decisions. places, financially, to keep their money.Nine Volume Set, Biannual Editions in Spring & Fall Each Guide has Four Quarterly Editions in Winter, Spring, Summer & FallSingle Print Edition: $359|Annual Subscription (2 issues): $499Single Print Edition: $279|Annual Subscription (4 issues): $549 Includes Free Online Access on the Weiss Financial Ratings platform Also Available for Subscription Online(800) 562-2139 FINANCIAL LITERACY TOOLS - IN PRINT & ONLINE www.greyhouse.com2022-493 Grey House Spring 2023 Catalog R4.indd 40 2023-01-06 12:20 PM'