b'3Opinions Throughout History Series Well-placed, high impact photos are powerful. This exceptionally well-crafted reference book has a place on all OPINIONSpublic, high school, and undergraduate library shelves, and reference selectors will want to watch for future entries in the series, which will cover privacy rights, immigration, gender roles, drug use, the death penalty, globalization and similar topics. Booklist(on Opinions Throughout History: Guns in America)The author focuses the theme of each chapter on one or more edited documents, which are placed within the context of the time. Almost every chapter also includes a pertinent image or two, and some fascinating and little-discussed historical segments further help to illustrate the theme Thoughtful commentaries assist in illuminating the analysis throughout this readable text. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readership levels.CHOICE(on Opinions Throughout History: The Death Penalty)This is a new series from Grey House titled Opinions Throughout History each chapter details a specific legal debate, controversy, law enactment, or supreme court decision There are many black-and-white pictures throughout the book, along with discussion questions for classroom and homework assignment use a timely reference work with a wealth of historical information and detail on these topics.ARBA(on Opinions Throughout History: National Security vs. Civil & Privacy Rights)Opinions Throughout History:Mental HealthIn the early 1700s, Americans who suffered from mental illness had few options forThroughout treatment and often found little in the way of sympathy from their fellow colonists. With no knowledge about the nature of mental illness or its treatment, mentally ill children and adults were often confined to prisons or even forced to live on the outskirts of settlements or even in the surrounding wilderness. The shift in attitudes about mentalMental Healthhealthfrom being viewed as a dangerous social evil to being recognized as a public health issueoccurred gradually and was driven by the advent and spread of scientific knowledge. This volume of Opinions Throughout History looks at how attitudes about mental health have changed from the colonial era to the twenty-first century, and how developments in medicine, psychiatric care, and social services have changed the fate of those living with behavioral health challenges. The history and evolution of mental health care and philosophy are discussed, as well as peripheral issues like drug and alcohol abuse, child and family welfare, and the ongoing debate over government subsidies for health care and social outreach programs.April 2023|550 Pages|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-63700-540-8|$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform Opinions Throughout History:Church & State Throughout The United States of America was founded by Christians who brought their European religion to the New World and used their spiritual doctrines as a guide when crafting the founding nations laws and traditions. However, from the beginning, it was recognizedChurch & Statethat a truly democratic society needed to accommodate a range of spiritual attitudes and ideas. This volume of Opinions Throughout History looks at how the idea of religion February 2023|550 Pages|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-63700-517-0|$195 evolved in public and political life in America, and traces the history of efforts to both Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platformseparate and integrate religion and politics. Topics include the debate over abortion access, censorship, religious prejudice, as well as parochial schools and the federal funding debate.November 2022|550 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-163-9|$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform More Titles from the Opinions Throughout History series on pages 4-8.(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2022-493 Grey House Spring 2023 Catalog R4.indd 3 2023-01-06 12:17 PM'