b'13Speakers ofEDITION the House of Representatives,HISTORY1789-2021SECOND EDITIONRecommended. Libraries supporting lower- and upper-level undergraduates in politicalscience.CHOICEThe content in the book is well researched and comprehensive. it contains enough extra material, in the form of the historical essays and primary documents that it is worth the modest price for libraries serving programs in high school or undergraduate U.S. history. ARBABeginning with Frederick Muhlenberg in 1789 and stretching to Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House, this new edition provides unique coverage of this important political position. Presiding over the House of Representatives and second in the United States presidential line of succession, this position has particular influence over U.S. politics. Features in this second edition include: Biographies: Arranged by term of service, this important work offersFourth Edition|September 2019| Two Volumes, 800 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-097-6 | $255 thoughtfully-written biographies of each of the 54 Speakers of theIncludes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform House.Each biography details the Speakers political background, important events during their post and significant contributions to theposition.Biographies cover personal history, early years in Congress, voting history, acceptance speech, legacy as Speaker and events afterthe Speakership.In addition, many biographies contain images ofinterest, including autographs, personal letters and photographs.New biographies added to this edition include John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and an updated biography of Nancy Pelosi, to include hersecond term as Speaker. Historical Essays: Offers several full-length essays, each covering aninteresting and thought-provoking topic pertinent to the formation, historyand current events surrounding the Speaker.These useful essayssignificantly enhance the readers understanding of this important position. Primary Documents: Contains over 40 documents for added sources of research, including important newspaper articles, resignation letters, speeches and correspondence. Appendices: Years Served in Congress before Becoming Speaker Speakers & Party Control of the Presidency Dates of Election & States Represented Speaker Firsts Historical Timeline: A chronology of elections and important events, to allow the reader to trace the progression of this position and align world events with the Speaker of that time. Comprehensive Bibliography & Cumulative IndexThis resource brings together a wealth of information on individual Speakers, the history of the position, and its changing role in U.S. politics,and will be a valuable addition to public libraries, high schools, and university libraries along with history and political science collections.Second Edition|August 2021|750 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-834-7|$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press PlatformThird Edition|October 2019| Two Volumes, 800 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-099-0|$275Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press PlatformeBooks are also available - visit www.greyhouse.com for more information(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'