b'17Encyclopedia EDITIONFOURTH EDITION of African-American Writing E N C YC LO P E D I A O F HISTORYFive Centuries of Contribution: Trials & Triumphsof Writers, Poets, Publications and Organizations AFRICANFOURTH EDITIONBY SHARI DORANTES HATCH AMERICANNo other single work seeks to include all past and present African American writers of significance in such an affordable format . The comprehensivenessWRITINGof the work, its affordability, and the promise of future updates make this an appealing choice for all publicFIVE CENTURIES OF CONTRIBUTION: and academic libraries. Library Journal TRIALS & TRIUMPHS OF WRITERS, POETS,A timely survey of an important sector of American letters, thisPUBLICATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS fourth edition of The Encyclopedia of African-American Writing covers the role and influence of African-American cultural leaders, from all walks of life, from the 17th century to the present. Readers will explore what inspired various African-American writers to create poems, plays, short stories, novels, Third Edition | October 2017 | Two Volumes, 2,393 pages | Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-68217-346-6| $250 essays, opinion pieces, and numerous other works, and how GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING those writings contributed to American culture. New Coverage, this edition adds more than 50 author Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform biographies, with a focus on contemporary writers on theforefront of todays conversation about African-Americanculture and viewpoints. Author Biographies, for a total of 550, with illustrations,cover the important events in a writers life, education, major works, honors and awards, and family and important associates. Topical Entries, include writing collaboratives, book clubs, celebrity authors and self-publishing.Primary Documents take the reader on a literary journey from a slave contract in 1635 to the present day.Appendix of Writers by Genre categorizes all entries by one or more of 26 genres, from Anthologies to Spoken Word.Appendix of Writers by Occupation categorizes all entries by one or more of 210 occupations, from Abolitionist to Talk Show Host.Chronology of Writers lists all individual writers by birth date. Graphically designed Timeline, clearly and interestingly overlaps significant events in the writing lives of African-Americans with relevant current events, such as wars and terms of U.S. presidents. Chronology of Firsts, with interesting facts, from the first narrative written by an African-American slave, to the first African-American to receive the Nobel prize for literature. A list of Abbreviations, References & Cumulative Index.More than a collection of biographies, this important work traces the evolution of African-American writers, their struggles, triumphs, and legacy,and should not be missed. A comprehensive, easy-to-use source that will complement the reference collection of any public, high school or university library, this edition will prove useful to all university humanities and African-American studies collections.Fourth Edition|November 2022|1,200 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-165-3|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press PlatformeBooks are also available - visit www.greyhouse.com for more information(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'