b'21The Environmental Debate: THIRD EDITIONA Documentary History with Timeline, Glossary & AppendicesCHOICE Outstanding Academic TitleHighly recommended for undergraduates and up. CHOICEThe book, with its broad array of perspectives, will be a welcome resource for students wishing to explore controversial environmental issues from as many different angles as possible.Abstracts of Public Administration Development, and EnvironmentThis unique collection of nearly 200 Primary Documents examines the evolution of concern about environmental degradation, pollution, climate change, and resource conservation in America from the Colonial period to the present. This third edition is filled with important updates and coverage of documents published from 2010 toENVIRONMENT2017 that discuss current thoughts on climate change, environmental reform, toxic chemicals, sustainable energy, gas drilling, oil pipelines, energy demand, clean energy, land management, marine life, and more. Detailed Historical Introductions begin each chapter and precede each primary document, to provide acontext for analyzing each document and will aid readers in better understanding the various stands taken indebates over how, why, and if our environment needs to be protected.Documents include the writings of naturalists, conservationists, scientists, philosophers, lawyers, judges, politicians, sociologists, artists and poets, as well as data from government reports, federal, state, and locallegislation, and court cases to provide balanced coverage. An in-depth General Introduction gives the reader a clear, succinct overview of the extremely complexenvironmental issues covered in this resource. Additional materials include Significant Dates in American Environmental History, Major NationalEnvironmental Organizations, a detailed Glossary, Sources for Further Reading and an Index.The Environmental Debate offers unequaled coverage of one of the most debated topics in American history.This updated third edition, with its broad array of perspectives, will be a welcome resource for students wishing to explore controversial environmental issues from as many different angles as possible.Third Edition|September 2017|387 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-68217-550-7|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform U.S. Land & Natural Resources PolicyThird Edition|May 2018| Two Volumes, 1,002 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-68217-731-0|$255 History | Debates | On-Going Issues | Primary Documents THIRD EDITIONIncludes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform .a valuable source for upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty.CHOICEAnyone concerned with the future, especially policy makers and environmental studies students, will find this book a valuable resource and reference.ARBAThis third edition provides a comprehensive overview of the policy debates surrounding U.S. public lands and the natural resources they contain. It traces the origin and evolution of policy, explores the natural resources and land policy regulations and deregulations in the Trump administration, and debates the future direction of land and natural resources policy. Individual chapters examine the Politics of Public Lands, the tension between Preservation and ConsumptiveUse, the History & Evolution of Public Lands, Major Provisions of Federal Public Lands and Natural ResourceLaws, thoughtful coverage of the Key Issues, including Endangered Species, Forests, Grazing, Mining, Water, Parks & Wilderness and the Ongoing Debate about Public Lands and Natural Resources. An expanded Primary Documents section provides an exploration of more than 30 sources, including currentarticles, debates and historical court cases. A detailed introduction precedes each document, to provide acontext for analysis and will aid readers to better understand the various stands taken in debates over how, why, and if our public lands need to be protected. National & State Data, Maps & Rankings provides detailed statistical data including land designations, landuse, natural resources, national parks & landmarks. State by state Energy Summaries and Maps provide thereader with additional background information.Policy Contacts & Industry Resources highlight data on the Department of the Interior with a helpfulOrganizational Chart along with detailed profiles of important DOI agencies and their regional offices.Plus, an Industry Resources section provides over 1,300 profiles of associations, publications, databases and trade shows to allow the reader to further research theissues of land use, natural resources, and conservation.2021/22 Edition|July 2021|1,200 pages, 7,000 entries|Softcover |ISBN 978-1-64265-839-2|$155An Historical Timeline allows the reader to view important land and natural resources policy changes and events, Includes Two Years of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a linkin chronological order, from 1787 to 2018. An Appendix of US Land Acts & Laws, Glossary, Comprehensive Bibliography and Cumulative Index complete the text.to this content can be added to your Salem Press landing page This resource will be an important tool for policymakers, environmental studies students, and anyone concerned with the future of our public lands and natural resources.A must-have source for all environmental science collections, universities, and public libraries.Third Edition|August 2018|1,350 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-68217-729-7|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press PlatformeBooks are also available - visit www.greyhouse.com for more information(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'