b'32G rey HouseP ublishing Statistics & DemographicsRECENT Comparative Guide to American Suburbs, 2019/20 TENTH EDITIONOne of the most useful features is the suburban rankings This work creates comprehensive profiles of suburbs and comparative tables that are not easy to find elsewhere Highly recommended for academic, public, and senior high school libraries.ARBAThe Comparative Guide to American Suburbs is a one-stop source for statistics on the 2,000+ suburban communities surrounding the 60 largest metropolitan areas and important data on how they compare to one another. Organized into60 Metropolitan Area chapters, each chapter contains an Overview of the Metropolitan Area, Maps, and a Statistical Profileof each Suburban Community, with Population, Income, Unemployment Rate, Cost of Living, Education, Chambers of Commerce and more. Plus, easy-to-use Ranking Tables rank the suburbs by twenty different criteria for quick and easy comparisons between suburbs. The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs is the best source for locating data on suburbs. Those looking to relocate, as well as those doing preliminary market research, will find this an invaluable, time saving resource.2019/20 Edition|June 2019|Two Volumes, 1,500 pages|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-092-1|$210 Includes Two Years of Free Online Access to sortable ranking tables on the Grey House Online platform,plus a link to this content can be added to your Salem Press landing pageProfiles of America THIRD EDITIONFascinating and thorough. all libraries holding earlier editions will want to replace it with this one. buyers of the new edition will receive a free subscription to the online version, which makes the data in this resource even more appealing and infinitely more accessible.CHOICEA LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST REFERENCE BOOK & CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLEProfiles of America is the only source that pulls together, in one place, statistical, historical and descriptive information about almost every place in the United States in an easy-to-use format. Over 40,000 places are covered, from the biggest metropolis to the smallest unincorporated hamlet, with statistical details on over 50 different topics including: STATISTICSGeography, History, Demographics, Economy, Income, Education, Health, and more. Plus, Comparative Ranking Charts highlight the top 100 places for each category. Profiles of America is a virtual snapshot of America at your fingertips, a unique compilation of information that will be widely used in any reference collection.Third Edition|March 2015|Four Volume Set, 9,830 pages|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-61925-105-2|$795 Includes Ten Years of Free Online Access to sortable ranking tables on the Grey House Online platform,plus a link to this content can be added to your Salem Press landing page Visit www.greyhouse.com for more information on individual regional volumesNew York State Directory, 2021/22PUBLISHED SINCE 1983This comprehensive directory covers not only New York State government offices and key personnel but pertinent U.S. government agencies and non-governmental entities. EDITION 2021/2022This directory is all encompassing. recommended.CHOICEThe New York State Directory is a comprehensive guide to accessing public officials and private sector organizations and individuals who influence public policy in the state of New York. Published annually since 1983, this comprehensive and easy-to-use directory gives users at-a-glance access to: Executive Branchover 2,400 contacts with up-to-date staffing of all departments. Judicial Branchall state courts with over 800 judges and court administrators. 25 Policy Areas, covering Agriculture, Banking, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Social Services, andTransportation, with contact information for key officials at the state and federal level, plus over 2,000 privatesector experts. Non-Profit advocacy organizations & trade associations. Delegates to the US Congressional Standing Committees & Subcommittees from New York State. More than 1,000 lobbyists & political action committees. Over 2,500 university presidents and school administrators.The New York State Directory is the source that the state has relied on for years for up-to-date, in-depth contact information. A must for government agencies, lobbyists, political action committees, public libraries and universities.2021/22 Edition|March 2021|1,000 pages, 15,000 entries|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-816-3|$155 Includes One Year of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a link to this contentcan be added to your Salem Press landing page(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'