b'44Canadian ResourcesEDITIONCanadian Almanac &EDITIONLibraries Canada 2021/22Directory, 2022 Libraries Canada details 7,000 This is Canadas authoritative sourceCanadian libraries and their branches. book for 175 years, providing accessIt features important data on each to 100,000 contacts in Canadianlibrary, including address, key institutions, including Associations,contact names and e-mail addresses, Government, Arts, Communications,collection information, services Business, Health, Education, andavailable, budgets, and more. Libraries Legal Resources. It is the best singleCanada is a vital reference tool for reference source for executivespublishers, advocacy groups, research in business, public affairs, law,institutions, and other groups that 978-1-64265-616-9 411 Queen Streetprovide products and services to this Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A5West, 3rd Floor marketing, communications,416-644-6479866-433-4739 unique market.SW-COC-02358 Fax: 416-644-1904 and is a must for all libraries.www.greyhouse.cainfo@greyhouse.caPrinted and Bound in Canada2022 Edition| November 2021| One Volume, 2,000 pages 2021/22 Edition|July 2021|One volume, 850 pagesHardcover| ISBN 978-1-64265-929-0| $459 Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-921-4|$379EDITIONCanadian Environmental EDITIONAssociations The Canadian Environmental Resourwing special content:ce Guide provides a wealth of value-added2020-2021 2020-2021 2021 2021information that includes the follo 24th Edition Associations Canada s non-prprovides the most comprofit sector, including oehensivver 20,500 e42nd EditionMajor Environmental Companies & Products & Services Buyers Guide listing of Canada Resource Guide, 2020/21 42nd Edition Canada, 2021Company Listings 24th Editionorganizations, nearly 33,000 key executives, close to 2,000Revomestic M ngoing Pxperrtiseojects meetings/conferences, awards, publications, and much ers up-to-date contactAssociationsenue more. This annual compendium deliv Doreign Activityarkets details on Canadian organizations and international affiliates,F arkets Sought Canadian spanning industry, commercial and prest and common-interofessional associations, estThis volume provides immediateMecently Completed/Oeas of E Guide des ressources environnementales canadiennes Canadian Environmental Resource Guideregistered charities, special inter Associations du Canada Associations Canada Rroducts/Symbols for Pervices/Arublic Companies organizations. This volume is the most completePtock S S aste Mdousanagement & R Much More than Name & Aom, including:ddress Canada access to Canadas non-profit sector, Municipal Government ListingsecyclingOv Ber 25 fields to choose fr listing of major environmental HazarWaste ans Environmental udget Range companies, federal and provincialAssociations du Canada with important data on 20,000W Landfill & Compost Sites Dpecial B umber of HouseholdsMembership Profilesizolunteere, fees S isposal Fy-laws/BeesStaff Sizepaid and v P Wopulation & NSources of Funding K ater & Wastewater Treatment Resource Guide agencies, municipal governments,Canadian associations, registeredEnvironmental EmployeesCommitteesIntergovernmental Offices & CouncilsAffiliates Dey ContactsActivities etailed Descriptions Alphabetical Listings bnformation Guide des ressources environnementales canadiennes associations, and law firms in Environmental Trade Repry Countresentativyes Abroad Eight Indexes for Easy Reference charities, and common interestSubject I Embassy Contact IAcronym Index ndexPrimary Trade Contacts Environmental Industry Update 2020 Environmental Products & Budget Index Canada, plus over 200 pages oforganizations. Associations Canada Environmental ResourcesConfer entions Index Canadian EnvironmentalistsEecutivences & Conv Recent Environmental Events Recent Events vices Buyers Guide e Name I Gxeographic Indexndex Articles, M tatistics & Charws & Conferts ences for 2020 & Beyond Maps SerConsultingMegister industry statistics and conferences.is a strong source of prospects forEnvironmental aps, STrade Sho ailing List Index Law Firms With Lawyers Areas of Specialty Rankings DistributingR ed Charitable Organizations IndexFour Indexes S rade Shows & Conferences Engineering Anyone involved with or interestedCanadian & Foreign Associations Meetings, Conferences & Conventions marketing, tourism and conventionSubject Ttatistics Manufacturing Geographic Environmental Government Listings & mor anagementThe 2021 edition of Associations Canada offers nearly 10,000 eds of newAlphabetical listings of all CanadianComprehensive listings of meetings from updated records since last edition, including hundr Executive Name Intergoernmental Offices Waste Me associations and completely updated Mw reports and/or areetings/Conferticles ences.associations and foreign affiliates 2021 through to 2028 ISO ade Rvepresentatives New for this Edition in resources and services for theofficials, researchers, and government This edition also includes all neAnd more. TrunicipalUpdated Environmental Statistics & Articles focused on the current state of Canadian associations. Awards, Scholarships & Grants Registered Charitable Organizations978-1-64265-227-7 M 978-1-64265-915-3 environmental industry will wantDetails on awards and grants offeredIndex of associations that are registeredofficialsanyone who wants to locate by Canadian associations charities, by subject411 Queen Streetaccess to this outstanding business- non-profit interest groups and trade Toronto, ON M5V 2A5West, 3rd Fl.411 Queen Street Toronto, ON M5V 2A5West, 3rd Fl. 416-644-6479866-433-4739 416-644-6479866-433-4739SW-COC-02358 FAX: 416-644-1904 SW-COC-02358 FAX: 416-644-1904www.greyhouse.ca building networking resource.associations.www.greyhouse.cainfo@greyhouse.ca info@greyhouse.caca_environ_2020.indd 1 associations_2021.indd 18/26/20 1:55 PM 2/4/21 11:38 AM2020/21 Edition|September 2020|One Volume, 900 pages 2021 Edition|March 2021|One volume, 1,800 pagesSoftcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-227-7|$299 Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-915-3|$479The History of Canada EDITIONCanadian From the earliest contact betweenCANADIANWhos Who, 2022Amerindians and Europeans to thePublished since 1910, this work current regional, cultural, and ethniccaptures the lives and achievements diversity in modern-day Canada, of over 12,000 Canadian professionals, this narrative history paints a including artists, politicians, public complex portrait of the history ofservants, academics, philanthropists, Canada, including its participation writers, doctors, business moguls, in world affairs. Biographies ofathletes, and more. All who are notable Canadians, a list of interested in the achievements of Prime Ministers, a Timeline andCanadas most influential citizens and Bibliography complete the text. 2022their significant contributions to the A must-have source for Canadiancountry, and the world beyond, should history information. acquire this reference title.CANADASecond Edition|November 2010|One volume, 500 pages2022 Edition|December 2021|One volume, 1,300 pagesHardcover|ISBN 978-1-59237-610-0|$165 Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-931-3|$324(800) 562-2139 www.greyhouse.com'