b'45EDITIONFinancial ServicesEDITIONCanadian Canada, 2021/22 Parliamentary Guide, 2021CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARY Financial Services Canada is the onlyGUIDEAn indispensable guide to government in master file of current contacts in thePARLEMENTAIRE CANADIENCanada, the Canadian Parliamentary Guide financial services industry in Canada. With2021provides information on both federal and over 18,000 organizations and hard-to-findprovincial governments, courts, and their business information, Financial Serviceselected and appointed members. No other Canada is the most up-to-date source forresource presents a more up-to-date, names and contact information of industrymore complete picture of the Canadian professionals, senior executives, portfoliogovernment and her political leaders.managers, financial advisors, agency bureaucrats, and elected representatives. GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA 2021/22 Edition|April 2021|One volume, 1,000 pages 2021 Edition|April 2021|One volume, 1,100 pagesSoftcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-917-7|$459 Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-919-1|$324EDITIONEDITIONEDITIONFinancial PostFPbonds & FPsurvey, 2021The Financial Post provides detailed financial and securities data, directory information and media monitoring on thousands of Canadian public companies, and is known for producing the golden standard of publications for the Canadian financial services industry. For decades, FPbonds and FPsurvey have been Canadas #1 source for corporate and financial information on publicly traded companies. See www.greyhouse.com for more information about these important Canadian financial titles.EDITIONFinancial PostEDITIONCanadian Venture Capital & FINANCIAL POSTDirectory of Directors, 2022 GUIDE TO2021Private Equity Firms, 2021DIRECTORYCANADIAN This is the most comprehensive resourceComprehensive company profiles provide of for hard-to-find Canadian businessVENTUREdirect access to over 150 Canadian DIRECTORSinformation, with 16,500 executiveC A PI TA L venture capital firms and their 800 contacts from Canadas top 1,500&managing partners, with extensive data corporations. It offers a definitive listP R I VAT E on investments and funds. This up-to-date of directorships and offices held byEQUITY FIRMSdirectory is designed to give librarians noteworthy Canadian business people,and entrepreneurs the most essential plus contact details on leading Canadianand current information on the Canadian 2022 companies, and the names of theirN venture capital industry.Yoeuar rklye y7 0to0Cexaencaudtiaivne sin ivne sovtmere n18t 0d foilrlmarssexecutive officers and directors. GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA 2022 Edition|October 2021|One volume, 1,300 pages 2021 Edition|March 2021|One volume, 200 pagesHardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-933-7|$459 Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-923-8|$250Careers & EDITIONHealth Guide2021 2021 Employment Canada, 2021Careers & Emploent information on ev esearch and jump-start careers in a variety of1st Edition 1st Editiondetailed, curr yment Canada is a neerything frw go-to rom industresource for job-seekers acry associations to summer job oss Canada, with Canada, 2020/21 Careers &Careers & Employment Canada is a valuable opportunities. Divided into fivy contacts to aid in re helpful sections, this guide contains XXXXX organizations and XXXXX industrfields.Associations Nearly 800 national associations covering an array of industries and professionsEmployers Arts & Culturinancee Carrires et emploi Canada Careers & Employment Canada Employment reference tool that gives job seekers and Business & FHealth Guide Canada offers aEducation Environmental F anufacturederal, Pers & Wholesalersrovincial & Municipal) Good Mcomprehensive overview of 99 chronic andCanada career explorers an edge in todays jobovernment (F Healthcare Legal Major Corporations in Canadaedia Telecommunications & M market. This new resource helps usersmental illnesses. Each chapter includes anCarrires et emploi Canada Transportation Recruiters Top recruiting firms across Canada, organized by national and provincial scopeSummer J Nobsational and regional summer job opportunitieseverything from governmentfind information on nearly 1,000 potentialeasy-to-understand medical description, agencies to summer campsCareer & E National & Rmployment egionalWebsites I opic-Specific y employers, vastly expand their contactplus a wide range of resources, includingTndustr Employment Options Clientele ce are XXXXX pages of reports on the current jobnetwork, uncover essential career and jobassociations, government agencies,Where to Get Resourw resourcesRounding off this brand nemarket in Canada, a list of industry Awards and Honours, as well as Entry and Executive indexes for even easier reference. CarValuable for emploeers & Employment Cyment pranadaofessionals, librarians,helps take the strain out ofsearch tips, and gain helpful insights intosupport groups, and publications. This teachers, and job-seekers alike, job searching by providing a direct link to the organizations and contacts that matter most. Associations Career & Ey Contactsmployment Websites their field. This first edition is perfect for jobinformative resource provides individualsEmployers Industr978-1-64265-713-5 411 Queen St.Recruitersobs Awar ts on the Jonoursob Market seekers, librarians, employment center Repords & Hand their support system with thousands ofSummer JToronto, ON M6J 0A5West, 3rd Fl.SW-COC-02358 416-644-6479866-433-4739 advisors, school career counselors, recruiters resources for support. FAX: 416-644-1904 CANADAwww.greyhouse.cainfo@greyhouse.caand HR professionals.2020/21 Edition|July 2020|One volume, 900 pages2021 Edition | November 2020|One volume, 800 pages Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-239-0|$259 Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-713-5|$259(800) 562-2139 www.greyhouse.com'