b'12 G rey HouseP ublishing Working Americans SeriesThese INTERESTING, unique compilations will engage and enlighten patrons in high school, public and academic library collections.BooklistHISTORYA VALUABLE tool for both researchers and educators.It is recommended for all types of libraries. ARBAA COMPELLING and well-organized contribution for those interested in social history and the complexitiesof working Americans. Library JournalAn OUTSTANDING overview of the unique immigrantexperience highly recommended for school libraries from middle school through high school as well as college libraries from community college through graduate school. It should also be found in public libraries of every size. ARBAVol. XVIII: Health Care Workers Vol. XVII: Teens in AmericaEach volume in the widely successful Working Americans series focuses on a particular class, gender, type, or time period of American history and vividly illustrates what life was like for that group over time. Profiles cover a wide range of ethnic groups and span the entire country, providing a thorough examination of the lives of all types of Americans in that particular group. Each volume is divided into easy-to-use, decade-long chapters, so readers can quickly locate details on a particular time period.Family or Individual Profiles: Each chapter highlights 3-4 individuals or families and provides a remarkably personal and realistic look at their lives at home, at work, and in the community. The highly readable narrative is supported by hard facts and real-life situations drawn from diaries, private print books, family histories, estate documents, magazine articles, and more.To further explore the life and times of these individuals or families, each chapter includes several other helpful elements: Historical Snapshots: Chronicles major events and milestones, allowing the reader to develop a broader understanding of the period. Timelines: Defines the background and key events of a particular issue important to the time period. News Features: Excerpted from the local media, these thought-provoking articles put the issues affecting the individual in context. Selected Prices: Examines what things cost during the time period, to further enrich the readers understanding of their cost of living, familyfinances and budgets. Prices include food items, clothing, jewelry, tickets for leisure activities, and so much more. Illustrations: Photographs, news clippings, advertisements,postcards, posters, quotes, songs, and cartoons, add interestto each chapter and depth to the readers understanding ofthe world that the individual or family lived in.The Working Americans series has become an important referencefor public libraries, academic libraries, and high school libraries.These volumes will enrich the readers understanding of Americanhistory, through the eyes of its people, and will be a welcomeaddition to all types of reference collections.Each Volume Includes FREE ONLINE ACCESS on the SALEM PRESS PLATFORM!(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'