b'2 G rey HouseP ublishing Opinions Throughout History SeriesOPINIONSThis exciting series offers a wide range of insights into long-standing issues that Americans are most concerned about, and those that have encouraged vigorous debate among politicians and citizens at large. Using carefully chosen original documents that cover a wide time span, Opinions Throughout History weaves a thoughtful and easy-to-understand analysis of how public opinion is formed and evolves, starting the discussion at an historical, seminal moment, and ending with where we stand today.Expert writers trace the path of public opinion on each topic, with each chapter providing insightful commentary on a selected primary or secondary source. Drawing from the popular press, key court and legislative battles, speeches, social activism and opinion polls, Opinions Throughout History offers readers a variety of sources to highlight the overall momentum of developing public opinion on these perennial policy issues.Each volume includes a wide rangeabout 30 in allof primary and secondary sources, including opinion essays, editorials, speeches, journal articles,court cases and legislation. Documents are reprinted, entirely or excerpted, and supported by detailed narratives, thoughtful analysis and insightful discussion questions.VOLUMES EDITED BY MICAH L. ISSITTSignificant Primary and Secondary Documents are the cornerstone of each chapter, which features:An informative Introduction that sets up the focus of the chapter,Sidebars that offer valuable background information; highlighting the primary source that is analyzed;Photos, cartoons, posters to support the topic and provide fun andA list of Topics Covered in the chapter; informative visuals; The Primary or Secondary Source Document, clearly indicatedA Conclusion that summarizes the chapter and reiterates main points; and fully cited; Discussion Questions to help guide further conversation and debate Thoughtful Analysis, averaging 1,500 words, that digs into specific about these current topics; and sections of the document;Works Used to make additional research easy.In addition, front matter of Opinions Throughout History includes a detailed Timeline of significant events that impacted policy and public opinion.Back matter includes an extensive Historical Snapshot that offers an interesting list of significant firstsevents, books, movies, legislation,trendsa snapshot of what was happening in the U.S. while public opinion was evolving, a Glossary of Terms related to the topic, and a Bibliography. A detailed Index closes each volume.Opinions Throughout History:Church & StateThe United States of America was founded by Christians who brought their ThroughoutEuropean religion to the New World and used their spiritual doctrines as a guide when crafting the founding nations laws and traditions. However, from the beginning, it was recognized that a truly democratic society needed to accommodate a range of spiritual attitudes and ideas. This volume of Opinions Church & StateThroughout History looks at how the idea of religion evolved in public and politicallife in America, and traces the history of efforts to both separate and integrate religion and politics. Topics covered include parochial schools and the federal funding debate, the debate over censorship, abortion access, and religious prejudice.October 2022|550 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-163-9|$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press Platform BUY THE 18 VOLUME SET & SAVE $540October 2022|18 Volumes|10,800 pages|Hardcover978-1-63700-390-8|$3,510|$2,970(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com'