b'33Financial Literacy Starter Kit THIRD EDITION EDITION BEST SELLER!Give your high school students and undergraduates a head start towards financial understanding with FinancialThird Edition Literacy Starter Kit. This expanded third edition provides readers with easy-to-understand guidance on how toFINANCIAL manage all aspects of their finances. Readers will learn how to make a budget, manage debt, rent an apartment, buy a car, manage a checking account, calculate the cost of college, pay back student loans, get career advice, save forLITERACY retirement, invest in the stock market, and so much more. This volume provides easy-to-understand guidance onStarter Kit how to make the most out of your money, giving young adults peace of mind that they are fully equipped to manage their finances after graduation. Each chapter is devoted to a specific topic. Combined, they provide students with helpful information on how to best manage their money. Filled with information that will educate and inform students about their finances, this resource is a must-have source for high school and college libraries.Coming Soon!Third Edition | August 2024 | 500 pages | Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-63700-845-4 | $295 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformSticking to a Budget Managing Debt Checking AccountsCalculating the Cost of College Student Loans, Grants & ScholarshipsStarting a Career Career Advancement Health InsuranceBuying a Car Auto InsuranceRenting an Apartment Renters Insurance Starting a 401(k) Investing BasicsSpecial Education THIRD EDITION GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING A Reference Book for Policy & Curriculum Development EDUCATIONThis volume provides both contextual information on the development of special education and readily usable information and resources for parents and educators Overall, the book is well written and provides a useful grounding in special education terminology, curricular issues, legislation, and policy.ARBAThis remarkable resource covers the history, developments, and current trends in the field, along with resources to direct users to much-needed sources of support. It offers a comprehensive Introduction to special education, the broad number of disciplines that inform it, how it has evolved, and provides a context for understanding the current challenges and controversies surrounding the issues. Entries focus on contemporary research in cognitive development, multiple intelligences, different learning styles, technology, and interventions, and explore how special education developed as an outgrowth of regular education and provides context for understanding current challenges. Important features include a useful Directory of Organizations, Associations, and Government Agencies, Chronology of Events, Primary Source Documents, Bibliography, and Index. This edition is a must-have for education grant writing, curriculum development projects and information outreach programs that are so important to special education programs. Readers will find detailed information on the latest techniques, research results and new multidisciplinary approachesinformation that can be put to work immediately to build flexible, responsive special education programs. For an administrator, student, teacher, or non-profit organization interested in the field, this will be the go-to resource to have.Third Edition | September 2018 | 403 pages | Hardcover | ISBN 978-1-68217-950-5|$165 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformEducators Resource Guide, 2023/24FIFTEENTH EDITION EDITION Merely browsing the topics will most likely cause readers to discover new avenues they had not previously considered This one volume has the capacity to save literally hours of valuable research time a useful addition to a school system, public library, or academic library that offers degrees in education. BooklistEducators Resource Guide provides the educational professional with thousands of resources for professional development. This new edition includes hundreds of new listings and thousands of updates and enhancements, plus updated information on the Every Student Succeeds Program. Over 7,000 Resources include Associations, Consultants, Teaching Abroad, Grants, Fundraising, Scholarships,Publications and Testing Resources.Next, 145 tables of Statistics cover Adult Education, Elementary & Secondary Education, International Comparisons of Education, Learning Resources and Technology. This is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource that will fill many educational research needs and will be a useful addition to any school district, college education department, academic or public library.2023/24 Edition | July 2023 | 950 pages, 7,000 entries | Softcover | ISBN 978-1-63700-557-6 | $145Includes Two Years of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a link to this content can be added to your Salem Press landing page(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2023-304 Grey House Fall 2023 Catalog-FINAL.indd 33 2023-08-25 2:51 PM'