b'40 G rey HouseP ublishing Business InformationEDITIONNew York State Directory, 2023/24 PUBLISHED SINCE 1983BEST SELLER! 2023/2024This comprehensive directory covers not only New York State government offices and key personnel but pertinent U.S. government agencies and non-governmental entities. This directory is all encompassing. recommended.CHOICEThe New York State Directory is a comprehensive guide to accessing public officials, private sector organizations and individuals who influence public policy in the state of New York. Published annually since 1983, this comprehensive and easy-to-use directory gives users at-a-glance access to: Executive Branchover 2,400 contacts with up-to-date staffing of all departments Judicial Branchall state courts with over 800 judges and court administrators 25 Policy Areas, covering Agriculture, Banking, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Social Services, andTransportation, with contact information for key officials at the state and federal level, plus over 2,000 privatesector experts Non-Profit advocacy organizations & trade associations Delegates to the US Congressional Standing Committees & Subcommittees from New York State More than 1,000 lobbyists & political action committees Over 2,500 university presidents and school administratorsThe New York State Directory is the source that the state has relied on for years for up-to-date, in-depth contact information. A must for government agencies, lobbyists, political action committees, public libraries and universities.2023/24 Edition|March 2023|778 pages, 15,000 entries|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-527-9|$155 Includes One Year of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a link to this content RECENT can be added to your Salem Press landing pageDirectory of Mail Order Catalogs THIRTY-FOURTH EDITIONThis is a godsend for those looking for information. Reference Book ReviewPublished since 1981, The Directory of Mail Order Catalogs is the premier source of information on the mail order catalog industry. It is the source that business professionals and librarians have come to rely on for the business-building details they need on the thousands of catalog companies in the U.S. Section I: Consumer Catalogs, covers over 6,300 consumer catalog companies in 44 different product chapters from animals to toys & games. Section II: Business to Business Catalogs, details 2,700 business catalogs, everything from computers to laboratory supplies, construction and much more. Listings contain detailed contact information plus key contacts, product descriptions, employee size, years in business, sales volume, catalog size, and number of catalogs mailed. This important resource is a useful tool for entrepreneurs searching for catalogs to pick up their products, vendors looking to expand their customer base in the catalog industry, market researchers, small businesses investigating new supply vendors, along with the library patron exploring catalogs in their areas of interest.BUSINESS2020 Edition|January 2020|765 pages, 9,000 entries|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-106-5|$250 Includes One Year of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a link to this content can be added to your Salem Press landing pageRECENT Guide to Homeland Security ResourcesFIFTEENTH EDITIONDelivers a perspective of this complex organization that few could duplicate. Every level ofthis organization is described with a clarity and brevity that is refreshing a must have for anyone who is a preparedness service/product provider, or engaged in emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.Emergency Management & ProtectionThe Grey House Guide to Homeland Security Resources is the most comprehensive resource for national, state and localofficials responsible for homeland security. Information-packed listings provide up-to-date profiles of over 1,500 Federal &State Organizations & Agencies and over 3,000 Officials and key executives involved with homeland security, with acomplete description of the agency and a complete list of officials and key executives. This guidebook also includes a Products & Services Buyers Guide, Information Resources and a Homeland Security Organizational Chart. This comprehensive, information-packed resource will be a welcome tool for any company or agency that is in need of homeland securityinformation and will be a necessary acquisition for the reference collection of all public libraries, university libraries andsecurity reference collections. 2020/21 Edition|June 2020|1,200 pages, 4,500 entries|Softcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-460-8|$225 Includes Two Years of Free Online Access on the Grey House Online platform, plus a link to this contentcan be added to your Salem Press landing page(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2023-304 Grey House Fall 2023 Catalog-FINAL.indd 40 2023-08-25 2:51 PM'