b'Opinions Throughout History Series Opinions Throughout History:BEST SELLER! 5 OPINIONSFree Speech & CensorshipThis nicely crafted volume traces the development of public opinion regarding highly controversial free-speech issues. This is a solid, authoritative, and information-packed title.It is strongly recommended for the reference collections of both university and large public libraries. -BooklistThis volume of Opinions Throughout History looks at the history and evolution of free speech and freedom of expression and also of efforts to limit this right through censorship. While Americans are accustomed to viewing the United States as the exemplar of free speech and the free press, this has not always been the case. Until relatively recently in the nations history, censorship in the media or in the public discourse was quite common. Though the First Amendment guarantees are a traditional and cherished part of American culture, the idea of free speech has changed over time, as have attitudes about when it is acceptable to censor and control speech. Topics covered in this volume include political debates, the function of the free press, censorship of literature, video games, various kinds of art, and the debate over free speech and corporations.March 2022 |550 pages |Hardcover |ISBN 978-1-63700-119-6 |$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform February 2023|550 Pages|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-63700-517-0|$195 BEST SELLER! BEST SELLER!Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform Opinions Throughout History: Voters RightsKey issues include race, sex, nationality, voter ID laws. and poll taxes illustrate in part just how much political and judicial work has been requiredand may yet be requiredto refine voting laws and practices.BooklistThis volume tackles voters rightshow Americans got the right to vote, how the right to vote has been suppressed, and how public opinion has changed about voters rights over time. Opinions Throughout History: Voters Rights highlights: how the vote was granted to minorities; the Voting Rights Act of 1965; voter ID laws; voter fraud; election interference; individual state actions; and how voter suppression efforts affected recent elections. Drawing from the popular press, key legislative and court battles, social activism, and opinion polls, this volume follows the evolution of voters rights in America over more than 240 years. Each chapter includes a valuable introduction and conclusion, a bulleted list of topics covered, a reprint of a particularly significant primary or secondary source document, detailed analysis and commentary of that document, images and photographs, and discussion questions.November 2019 |521 pages |Hardcover |ISBN 978-1-64265-068-6 |$195 Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformJune 2023|550 Pages|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-1-63700-540-8|$195 RECENTIncludes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House PlatformOpinions Throughout History: Presidential AuthorityThis volume looks at how American presidents have used the power of the presidency not only to shape Americas domestic and foreign policy, but also for personal gain. Through the lens of presidential personality, chapters highlight individual approaches to the office, how the exercise of power is affected by partisan competition, economic and civil unrest, and the evolving perceptionof constitutional principles. Primary documents from periodicals, court cases, executive orders, and the personal correspondence of presidents, presidential advisors, friends, and critics, providea window into how each president viewed his role and used his power. The work demonstrates how public perception of the office has changed and how this perception has enhanced or curtailed presidential power.November 2022|550 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-63700-163-9|$195 February 2020|921 pages|Hardcover|ISBN 978-1-64265-450-9|$195Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform Includes Free Online Access on the Salem Press/Grey House Platform(800) 562-2139 GET ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY! www.greyhouse.com2023-304 Grey House Fall 2023 Catalog-FINAL.indd 5 2023-08-25 2:47 PM'