Weiss Ratings Guide to Life & Annuity Insurers provides independent, unbiased ratings on the financial strength of 800 life and annuity insurers, including companies providing life insurance, annuities, guaranteed investment contracts (GICs) and other pension products. • Updated quarterly in print and monthly online to provide the latest data • Index of Companies – provides the letter-grade ratings, total assets, capital & surplus, risk-adjusted capital, 5-year profitability index, stability index and factors, net premiums, and mortgage information • Analysis of Largest Companies – provides added detail, graphs and charts, with letter-grade ratings, major rating factors, contact information, historical data and more • Recommended Companies – organized alphabetically and by state, to make it easy to pick the best companies to work with • Index of Companies by Rating & Rating Upgrades & Downgrades • Four Appendices: State Guaranty Associations, Risk-Adjusted Capital, Recent Industry Failures and Glossary • Available in print and online database formats A life insurance policy or annuity is only as secure as the insurance company issuing it. This guide is perfect for those who are considering the purchase of a life insurance policy, placing money in an annuity, or advising clients about insurance and annuities, and will be a valued resource for public libraries of all sizes. FINANCIAL STRENGTH RATINGS OF 800 LIFE & ANNUITY INSURERS “The value in this guide is that it interprets the data and develops ratios and indexes that the reader must compare to norms. This resource is highly recommended for insurance collections in special libraries, medium and large public libraries, and medium and large academic libraries.” –ARBA 320 pages | Softcover | $279 Single Issue $549 Annual Subscription (4 issues) Fall 2018: 978-1-68217-803-4 Winter 2018/19: 978-1-64265-183-6 Spring 2019: 978-1-64265-184-3 Summer 2019: 978-1-64265-185-0 Fall 2019: 978-1-64265-186-7 Also available for subscription online Sample Pages: Ratings Guide to Banks Ratings Guide to Health Insurers Weiss Ratings Guide to Life & Annuity Insurers Guide to Life and Annuity Insurers A Quarterly Compilation of Insurance Company Ratings and Analyses G R E Y H O U S E P U B L I S H I N G SPRING 2019 Financial Ratings Series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