Financial Ratings Series Unbiased & Accurate Financial Strength Ratings & Financial Planning Tools Your Patrons Can Trust New Online Database Platform–Financial Ratings Series Online With a subscription to the new Financial Ratings Series Online, your patrons will have unlimited access to the unbiased, accurate financial strength ratings and investment ratings that Weiss Ratings has to offer—and it’s all just a few clicks away! Subscriptions online include in-library and remote access—for thousands less than any of our competitors! See page 3 for more information. Financial Literacy Basics & Planning for the Future These two new collections from Grey House Publishing & Weiss Ratings provide readers with easy-to-understand guidance on how to manage their finances. Geared towards those who are just starting out, for those who are starting a family or buying a home for the first time, or for those who want to learn more about how to best handle their finances, these new collections outline, step-by-step, how to make the most out of their money, which pitfalls to avoid, and what to watch out for, to give readers peace of mind that they are fully equipped to manage their finances. See page 6 for more information. Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers’ Guide With this easy-to-use guide, patrons can create a Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers’ Guide—individually customized just for them. The Buyers’ Guide is filled with important need-to-know information, a list of recommended insurers, and the rates they would pay based on their age, gender and zip code. This report has the potential to save your patrons thousands of dollars. See page 5 for more information. Ratings Guides in Print Our Ratings Guides in print still find a happy audience at public libraries across the country. For those users who are more comfortable with print reference, these easy- to-use guides are user-friendly and provide the sound financial planning advice that Weiss Ratings is known for. Don’t miss our new Investment Research Guides on Stocks, Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds. See pages 7–13 for more information. Investment Research Guide to STOCKS G R E Y H O U S E P U B L I S H I N G SPRING 2019 Financial Ratings Series 1 (800) 562-2139 HIGHLIGHTED PRODUCTS FOR 2019 WELCOME TO OUR 2019 FINANCIAL RATINGS CATALOG We are pleased to present this year’s complete collection of Financial Strength Ratings, Investment Ratings, Financial Literacy Tools and Financial Planning Resources. In print and online, these tools are highly regarded in the library community for their unbiased, accurate and conservative ratings—ratings that your patrons can rely on for sound financial planning advice.