ABOUT THE FINANCIAL RATINGS SERIES The Financial Ratings Series, powered by Weiss Ratings and Grey House Publishing, provides the library community with a single source for financial strength ratings of Insurance Companies, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Banks, and Credit Unions, conservative Investment Ratings of thousands of Mutual Funds and Stocks, plus helpful worksheets, planners and financial literacy tools to help patrons get started on their financial future. HELP YOUR PATRONS TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF THEIR FINANCIAL PLANNING! Weiss Ratings provides the accurate, independent information your patrons need to make INFORMED DECISIONS about their financial planning. • How to Find the Safest Bank or Credit Union in Their Area • How to Find the Best Deal on Their Medicare Supplement Insurance • How to Avoid the Weakest Insurance Companies… and How to Find the Best Ones • How to Pick the Best-Performing Stocks… When to Sell and When to Buy • How to Find the Best Mutual Funds…and Make Sure Their Retirement Funds are Safe WEISS RATINGS PROVIDES ALL THE ANSWERS—AND PEACE OF MIND! Published since 1988, Weiss Ratings evaluates the financial strength of more than 21,000 institutions: • Banks • Credit Unions • Property & Casualty Insurers • Auto & Homeowners Insurers • Medicare Supplement Insurers • Life & Annuity Insurers • HMOs & Health Insurers • Long-Term Care Insurers EASY-TO-USE, CONSERVATIVE & BALANCED INVESTMENT RATINGS In addition, Weiss Ratings’ investment ratings offer a conservative, balanced evaluation of the risk-adjusted performance of more than 11,000 stocks and 30,000 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds: • Stocks • Bond & Money Market Mutual Funds • Stock Mutual Funds • Exchange-Traded Funds INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED FINANCIAL STRENGTH RATINGS & FINANCIAL LITERACY TOOLS YOUR PATRONS CAN TRUST! INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED RATINGS Weiss Ratings is totally independent and unbiased, and does not accept compensation from the companies it rates. Rated companies are not given the opportunity to preview their ratings or suppress negative ratings from publication. A study conducted by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) identified Weiss Ratings’ insurance ratings as proven to be more accurate than any other rating agency. With ratings for insurance companies, banks, credit unions, stocks, and mutual funds, no other rating agency brings together this amount of information into one easy-to-use product line. Grey House Publishing and Weiss Ratings are proud to offer a complete line of products designed to direct consumers and business professionals toward safe investment, banking and insurance options while helping them avoid unnecessary risk.