✓ Which Plan to Choose ✓ What it Will Cost ✓ Which Insurance Company to Use ✓ Individually Customized for each Patron Insurance companies charge dramatically different premium rates for the exact same benefit plans. Consumers may be able to save thousands by just shopping around. Help your patrons save thousands on their Medicare Supplement Insurance with a subscription to Weiss Ratings’ Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers’ Guide online. Filled with need-to- know information, this customized report is written in an easy-to- follow style and provides all the information users will need to: • Learn what Medicare Does and Does Not Cover • Explore their Options, to help users decide whether to fill the gaps in coverage with a Medicare Advantage Plan or combine Medicare Supplement Insurance with Medicare Benefits. • Pick a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan that is right for them. All plans (A-N) are explained in detail: what is covered under each plan; which plans are available in their area; and how to switch policies. • See the Premium Rates for each Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. Users can compare plans for their specific circumstances. This unique report lists all companies selling Medigap in their area AND the actual rates they charge, so readers can easily locate the most inexpensive insurer. A money-saving tool that is not available in any other resource! • Locate the Best Insurers, to find out which insurers are recommended and which companies to avoid. Insurers are ranked by their Weiss Financial Strength Rating, so users can be sure they are selecting the best companies. • Find an Authorized Agent. Contact information and phone numbers are provided for each insurer in their area, to make selecting and contacting an insurer quick and easy. This powerful new resource will inform, educate and guide users through this often difficult decision making process—all in one easy-to-understand, individually customized report. A perfect source for Medicare workshops in the library too! Call (800) 562-2139 or email ratings@greyhouse.com to tour the online database, setup a trial for your Library or to get a Price Quote. Available for subscription online Pricing is based on population served. Please call (800) 562-2139 for a price quote. Medicare Supplement Insurance This user would save $3,717 a year by selecting one insurer over the other—with the same exact benefits! 5 (800) 562-2139 https://greyhouse.weissratings.com ratings@greyhouse.com