b'SulfonamidesSuffrage Mental suggestionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PsychotherapyDewey: 324.6 Spiritual healingUse For: Franchise; VotingSee Also: ethnic groups and classes of persons Suicidal behaviorwith the subdivision Suffrage [to be Use: SuicidePsychological aspectsadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Citizenship SuicideConstitutional law Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDemocracy Dewey: 179.7; 362.28Elections Use For: Attempted suicide; Suicide attemptsPolitical science See Also: classes of persons and ethnic groupsNarrower Term(s):African AmericansSuffrage with the subdivision Suicide, e.g.BlacksSuffrage TeenagersSuicide [to be addedNaturalization as needed]Voter registration Broader Term(s): Medical jurisprudenceWomenSuffrage Social problemsRelated Term(s): Representative government and Narrower Term(s):Assisted suiciderepresentation TeenagersSuicideRelated Term(s): HomicideSuffragettes Right to dieUse: SuffragistsSuicidePsychological aspectsSuffragists Dewey: 616.85Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Suicidal behaviorDewey: 324.6; 920 Broader Term(s): Human behaviorUse For: SuffragettesBroader Term(s): Reformers Suicide attemptsRelated Term(s): Feminism Use: SuicideWomenSuffrage Suicide bombersSufism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 303.6Dewey: 297.4 Broader Term(s): TerrorismBroader Term(s): MysticismIslam Suing (Law)Related Term(s): Dervishes Use: LitigationSugar Suite (Music)Dewey: 641.3; 664 Dewey: 784.18See Also: types of sugar [to be added as Scope Note: Use for musical scores and forneeded] materials on the suite as a musicalBroader Term(s): Food form.Narrower Term(s):Maple sugar Use For: Partita; SuitesSyrups Broader Term(s): Musical formSugar substitutes Orchestral musicDewey: 641.3; 664 SuitesUse For: Artificial sweeteners; Nonnutritive Use: Suite (Music)sweetenersBroader Term(s): Substitute products Suits (Law)Suggestion, Mental Use: LitigationUse: Mental suggestion Suits of armorSuggestive therapeutics Use: ArmorDewey: 615.8 Sulfa drugsUse For: Therapeutics, Suggestive Use: SulfonamidesBroader Term(s): TherapeuticsRelated Term(s): Hypnotism SulfonamidesMental healing Dewey: 615937'