b'SupermarketsUse For: Sun-spots See Also: names of individual superheroes,Broader Term(s): Meteorology e.g. Superman (FictionalSolar radiation character) [to be added as needed]Sun Broader Term(s): Graphic novelsSuper Bowl (Game) Superhero radio programsDewey: 796.332 Dewey: 791.44Broader Term(s): Football Scope Note: Use for individual works,Sports tournaments collections, or materials aboutSuper markets superhero radio programs.Use: Supermarkets Broader Term(s): Adventure radio programsSupercomputers Superhero television programsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 791.45Dewey: 004.1 Scope Note: Use for individual works,Scope Note: Use for materials on extraordinarily collections, or materials aboutpowerful computers. superhero television programs.Broader Term(s): Computers Broader Term(s): Adventure television programsSuperconducting materials SuperheroesUse: Superconductors Dewey: 808.3See Also: names of superheroes, e.g.Superconductive devices Superman (Fictional character) orUse: Superconductors groups of superheroes, e.g. JusticeLeague (Fictional characters) [toSuperconductivity be added as needed]Use: Superconductors Narrower Term(s):Justice League (FictionalSuperconductors characters)Dewey: 537.6; 621.3 Shadowpact (Fictional characters)Use For: Superconducting materials; Spider-Man (Fictional character)Superconductive devices; Superman (Fictional character)Superconductivity Wonder Woman (FictionalBroader Term(s): Electric conductors character)Electronics SuperhighwaysSuperhero comic books, strips, etc. Use: Express highwaysDewey: 741.5 Superintendents of schoolsScope Note: Use for individual works, Use: School superintendents andcollections, or materials about principalssuperhero comics.Broader Term(s): Comic books, strips, etc. Superman (Fictional character)Dewey: 741.5Superhero films Broader Term(s): Fictional charactersDewey: 791.43 SuperheroesScope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials about Superman filmssuperhero films. Dewey: 791.43See Also: films with particular superheroes, Scope Note: Use for individual works,e.g. Superman films [to be added collections, or materials aboutas needed] Superman films.Broader Term(s): Adventure films Broader Term(s): Superhero filmsNarrower Term(s):Superman films Supermarket shoppingSuperhero graphic novels Use: Grocery shoppingDewey: 741.5 SupermarketsScope Note: Use for individual works, Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallycollections, or materials about Dewey: 658.8superhero graphic novels. Use For: Super markets939'