b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsDewey: 203; 246; 809 Use For: Water balletScope Note: Use for general materials on the Broader Term(s): Swimmingsymbolism of numbers, as in Syndromesphilosophy, religion, or literature.Materials on the occult significance Dewey: 616of numbers are entered under See Also: names of specific syndromes, e.g.Numerology. Down syndrome [to be added asUse For: Number symbolism; Sacred needed]numbers; Symbolic numbers Broader Term(s): DiseasesBroader Term(s): Symbolism PathologyNarrower Term(s):Numerology Narrower Term(s):BulimiaRelated Term(s): Cabala Carpal tunnel syndromeNumbers Premenstrual syndromeSudden infant death syndromeSymbolsUse: Signs and symbols SynodsUse: Councils and synodsSymbols, MathematicalUse: Mathematical notation Synonyms and antonymsUse names of languages with the subdivision SynonymsSympathy and antonyms, e.g. English languageSynonymsDewey: 177 and antonyms [to be added as needed]Use For: PityBroader Term(s): Conduct of life Synthesizer (Musical instrument)Emotions Use: Synthesizers (Musicalinstruments)Symphonic poemsDewey: 784.2 Synthesizer musicBroader Term(s): Orchestral music Use: Electronic musicSymphonies Synthesizers (Musical instruments)Use: Symphony Dewey: 786.7Use For: Synthesizer (Musical instrument)Symphony Broader Term(s): Electronic musical instrumentsDewey: 784.18; 784.2Scope Note: Use for musical scores and for Synthetic chemistrymaterials on the symphony as a Use: Organic compoundsSynthesismusical form. Synthetic detergentsUse For: Symphonies Use: DetergentsBroader Term(s): Musical formOrchestral music Synthetic drugs of abuseSymptoms Use: Designer drugsUse: Diagnosis Synthetic fabricsSynagogue music Dewey: 677Dewey: 781.76 See Also: types of synthetic fabrics [to beBroader Term(s): Jewish music added as needed]Religious music Broader Term(s): FabricsSynthetic productsSynagogues Narrower Term(s):NylonGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically RayonDewey: 296.6; 726 Synthetic foodsBroader Term(s): Buildings Use: Artificial foodsReligious institutionsTemples Synthetic fuelsRelated Term(s): Judaism Dewey: 662.6Synchronized swimming Use For: Artificial fuels; Nonfossil fuelsDewey: 797.2 Broader Term(s): FuelSynthetic products944'