b'Teachings of Jesus ChristBroader Term(s): Colleges and universities ExaminationsEducationStudy and teaching Flipped classroomsRelated Term(s): TeachersTraining Lectures and lecturingTeachers guides Montessori method of educationProject method in teachingDewey: 371.102 School disciplineScope Note: Use for individual works, School supervisioncollections, or materials about works Student teachingcreated to help teachers design Study skillslesson plans or to provide texts used Teacher-student relationshipin teaching classes. TeachersTrainingUse For: Discussion guides; Guides, Teaching teamsTeachers; Instructors guides; Tutors and tutoringTeachers resource guides; Teaching Related Term(s): TeachersguidesRelated Term(s): TeachingAids and devices TeachingAids and devicesTeachers institutes Dewey: 371.33Use For: Educational media; InstructionalUse: Teachers workshops materials; Teaching materialsTeachers reports Narrower Term(s):Audiovisual materialsUse: School reports Bulletin boardsFlannel boardsTeachers resource guides ManipulativesUse: Teachers guides Motion pictures in educationProgrammed instructionTeachers workshops Radio in educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Teaching machinesDewey: 371.1 Television in educationUse For: Teachers institutes; Workshops, Related Term(s): Educational technologyTeachers Teachers guidesBroader Term(s): TeachersTrainingTeachingData processingTeachers, Student rating of Use: Computer-assisted instructionUse: Student evaluation of teachersTeachingExperimental methodsTeaching Use: EducationExperimentalGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically methodsDewey: 371.102Scope Note: Use for materials on the art of Teaching guidesteaching and methods of teaching. Use: Teachers guidesMaterials on the study of education Teaching machinesas a discipline are entered underEducationStudy and teaching. Dewey: 371.33Materials on the history and Broader Term(s): Programmed instructionmethods of training teachers, TeachingAids and devicesincluding the educational functions Teaching materialsof teachers colleges, are entered Use: TeachingAids and devicesunder TeachersTraining.Use For: Instruction; Pedagogy; School Teaching teamsteaching Dewey: 371.14See Also: subjects with the subdivision Study Use For: Team teachingand teaching, e.g. ScienceStudy Broader Term(s): Teachingand teaching [to be added as Teaching, Freedom ofneeded] Use: Academic freedomBroader Term(s): EducationNarrower Term(s):Classroom management Teachings of Jesus ChristCooperative learning Use: Jesus ChristTeachingsEducational psychology951'