b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsTeahouses Broader Term(s): Foreign aidUse: Tearooms International economic relationsTeam problem solving Narrower Term(s):American technical assistanceUse: Group problem solving Related Term(s): Community developmentTechnology transferTeam teachingUse: Teaching teams Technical assistance, AmericanUse: American technical assistanceTeam work in the workplaceUse: Teams in the workplace Technical assistance, CanadianUse: Canadian technical assistanceTeams in the workplaceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Technical chemistryDewey: 658.4 Use: Industrial chemistryUse For: Team work in the workplace; Technical educationTeamwork in the workplace; Work Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallygroups; Work teams Dewey: 370.11; 373.246; 374Broader Term(s): Social groups Use For: Industrial education; IndustrialWork environment schools; Technical schools; TradeTeamwork in the workplace schoolsUse: Teams in the workplace See Also: technical subjects with thesubdivision Study and teaching, e.g.Tearooms EngineeringStudy andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically teaching [to be added as needed]Dewey: 647.95 Broader Term(s): EducationScope Note: Use for materials on public Higher educationestablishments devoted primarily to Technologyserving tea. Narrower Term(s):ApprenticesUse For: Tea houses; Tea rooms; Tea shops; Correspondence schools andTeahouses; Teashops coursesBroader Term(s): Restaurants EngineeringStudy andTea industry teachingTeas Evening and continuation schoolsUse: Afternoon teas Occupational retrainingOccupational trainingTeashops School shopsUse: Tearooms Related Term(s): EmployeesTrainingIndustrial arts educationTeasing Professional educationDewey: 158.2; 302.3 Vocational educationBroader Term(s): Aggressiveness (Psychology)Interpersonal relations Technical schoolsUse: Technical educationTechnical assistanceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Technical serviceDewey: 338.91; 361.6 Use: Customer servicesScope Note: Use for materials on foreign aid in Technical services (Libraries)the form of technical expertise. Use: Library technical processesMaterials on the transfer ofinnovations in technology from one Technical termscountry to another are entered under Use: TechnologyDictionariesTechnology transfer.Use For: Aid to developing areas; Assistance Technical writingto developing areas; Foreign aid Dewey: 808.06program Use For: Scientific writingSee Also: technical assistance from particular Broader Term(s): Authorshipcountries, e.g. American technical TechnologyLanguageassistance [to be added as needed]952'