b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for materials on what is seen on Scope Note: Use for individual works,television. Materials on the collections, or materials abouttechnology of television are entered television serials.under Television. Broader Term(s): Television programsUse For: Programs, Television Related Term(s): Soap operasSee Also: types of television programs, e.g. Television setsComedy television programs and Use: TelevisionReceivers andnames of specific programs [to be receptionadded as needed]Broader Term(s): Television broadcasting Television sportsNarrower Term(s):Adventure television programs Use: Television broadcasting of sportsAnimated television programsBiographical television programs Television stationsComedy television programs Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDocumentary television programs Dewey: 384.55Fantasy television programs Broader Term(s): Television broadcastingHorror television programs Television supplies industryLegal drama (Televisionprograms) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMedical drama (Television Dewey: 338.4; 384.55programs) Use For: Television equipment industry;Mystery television programs Television industryNature television programs Related Term(s): TelevisionEquipment andReality television programs suppliesScience fiction television Television viewersprograms Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySports drama (Television Dewey: 302.23; 791.4programs) Use For: TelevisionAudiences; TelevisionSpy television programs fans; Television watchersTalk shows Broader Term(s): AudiencesTelevision adaptationsTelevision movies Television watchersTelevision plays Use: Television viewersTelevision serials Television writingVariety shows (Televisionprograms) Use: Television authorshipViolence on television Television, Closed-circuitWar television programs Use: Closed-circuit televisionWesterns (Television programs)Related Term(s): Television scripts Television, InternetUse: Internet televisionTelevision receptionUse: TelevisionReceivers and Television, Subscriptionreception Use: Subscription televisionTelevision scripts Telstar projectDewey: 791.45; 808.88 Dewey: 621.382Scope Note: Use for individual works, Use For: Bell System Telstar satellite; Projectcollections, or materials about Telstartelevision scripts. Broader Term(s): Artificial satellites inBroader Term(s): Television broadcasting telecommunicationNarrower Term(s):Television adaptations Temper tantrumsRelated Term(s): Television playsTelevision programs Dewey: 152.4Use For: Tantrums, TemperTelevision serials Broader Term(s): EmotionsDewey: 791.45 Human behavior960'