b'American dramaHistory and criticismAmerican art American color printsDewey: 709.73 Dewey: 769.973Use For: Art, American Use For: Color prints, AmericanBroader Term(s): Art Broader Term(s): Color printsNarrower Term(s):American folk art American composersAmerican artificial satellites Use: ComposersUnited StatesDewey: 629.43; 629.46 American constitutionUse For: Artificial satellites, AmericanBroader Term(s): Artificial satellites Use: United States. ConstitutionAmerican artists American cookingUse: ArtistsUnited States Dewey: 641.5973Scope Note: Use for materials on cooking limitedAmerican arts to American national and regionalUse: ArtsUnited States styles.American authors Use For: Cookery, AmericanSee Also: styles of regional AmericanGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically cooking, e.g. Southern cooking [toDewey: 810.9; 920 be added as needed]Use For: Authors, American Broader Term(s): CookingBroader Term(s): AuthorsNarrower Term(s):African American authors American cookingSouthern styleAmerican dramatists Use: Southern cookingAmerican novelistsAmerican poets American decoration and ornamentLatino authors Use: Decoration and ornament United StatesAmerican balladsDewey: 811 American diariesBroader Term(s): American poetry Dewey: 809; 920Scope Note: Use for collections of AmericanAmerican Bicentennial diaries and for materials aboutUse: American Revolution American diaries.Bicentennial, 1776-1976 Broader Term(s): American literatureAmerican Bill of rights DiariesUse: United States. Constitution. American diplomatic and consular service1st-10th amendments Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAmerican bison Dewey: 327.73; 353.1Use For: Diplomatic and consular service,Use: Bison American; United States American characteristics Diplomatic and consular serviceUse: American national characteristics Broader Term(s): Diplomatic and consular serviceAmerican Civil War American dramaUse: United StatesHistoryDewey: 8121861-1865, Civil War Scope Note: Use for general materials aboutAmerican drama, not for individualAmerican civilization works.Use: AmericaCivilization Broader Term(s): American literatureAmerican colonial style in architecture DramaNarrower Term(s):American folk dramaDewey: 724Use For: Colonial architecture American dramaCollectionsBroader Term(s): Architecture Dewey: 812.008American colonies American dramaHistory and criticismUse: United StatesHistoryDewey: 812.009; 9201600-1775, Colonial period35'