b'TherapeuticsReligion Theory of structuresUse: Structural analysis (Engineering)TheologyStudy and teaching Theory of systemsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: System theoryDewey: 202; 230.07Use For: Education, Theological; ReligionTheosophyStudy and teaching; Theological Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyeducation Dewey: 299Narrower Term(s):Catechisms Broader Term(s): MysticismRelated Term(s): Religious education ReligionsTheology of liberation Narrower Term(s):ReincarnationUse: Liberation theology VedantaYogaTheology, Doctrinal Therapeutic immunologyUse: Doctrinal theology Use: ImmunotherapyTheoretical chemistry Therapeutic systemsUse: Physical chemistry Use: Alternative medicineTheory of games Therapeutic useUse: Game theory Use subjects with the subdivision Therapeutic use, e.g.Theory of graphs ColdTherapeutic use; HerbsTherapeuticUse: Graph theory use; etc. [to be added as needed]Theory of information TherapeuticsUse: Information theory Dewey: 615.5Use For: DiseasesTreatment; Therapy;Theory of knowledge Treatment; Treatment of diseasesDewey: 001.01; 121 See Also: types of therapies, e.g.Scope Note: Use for materials on the origin, Hydrotherapy; diseases with thenature, methods, and limits of subdivision Treatment, e.g. AIDShuman knowledge. (Disease)Treatment; subjectsUse For: Cognition; Epistemology; with the subdivision TherapeuticKnowledge, Theory of; use, e.g. ColdTherapeutic use;Understanding HerbsTherapeutic use; etc.;Broader Term(s): Consciousness diseases with the subdivision DietLogic therapy, e.g. CancerDietMetaphysics therapy; and types of drugs andPhilosophy names of specific drugs [to be addedNarrower Term(s):Belief and doubt as needed]Certainty Broader Term(s): MedicineCognitive styles PathologyEmpiricism Narrower Term(s):AIDS (Disease)TreatmentGestalt psychology AntisepticsIdeology AromatherapyIntuition Art therapyPerception ColdTherapeutic usePragmatism Diet in diseaseRationalism Diet therapySenses and sensation Drug abuseTreatmentRelated Term(s): Apperception Drug therapyIntellect DrugsReality ElectrotherapeuticsTruth Gene therapyTheory of numbers HealingUse: Number theory HerbsTherapeutic useHydrotherapy967'