b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsImmunotherapy Broader Term(s): HeatMateria medica Meteorological instrumentsMusic therapy Related Term(s): TemperatureNaturopathy ThermometryNursingNutrition Use: ThermometersOccupational therapy ThesauriPalliative treatment Use: Subject headingsPet therapyPhototherapy ThesesPhysical therapy Use: DissertationsPlay therapyPsychotherapy ThievesRadiotherapy Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySuggestive therapeutics Dewey: 364.3Related Term(s): Pharmaceutical chemistry Use For: Bandits; Brigands; Burglars;Highwaymen; Outlaws; RobbersTherapeutics, Suggestive Broader Term(s): CriminalsUse: Suggestive therapeutics Related Term(s): TheftTherapy Think tanksUse: Therapeutics Use: Group problem solvingTherapy, Gene ThinkingUse: Gene therapy Use: Thought and thinkingTherapy, Psychological Third parties (United States politics)Use: Psychotherapy Dewey: 324.273Thermal insulation Broader Term(s): Political partiesUnited StatesPolitics andUse: Insulation (Heat) governmentThermal waters Third WorldUse: Geothermal resources Use: Developing countriesGeysersThermoaerodynamics Third World WarUse: World War IIIUse: AerothermodynamicsThermodynamics Thirteenth centuryUse: World history13th centuryDewey: 536See Also: subjects with the subdivision Thirty Years War, 1618-1648Thermodynamics, e.g. Space Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyvehiclesThermodynamics [to Dewey: 909.08; 940.2be added as needed] Broader Term(s): EuropeHistory1492-1789Broader Term(s): Dynamics GermanyHistory1517-1740Physical chemistry Thor (Norse deity)PhysicsNarrower Term(s):Aerothermodynamics Dewey: 202Entropy Broader Term(s): Gods and goddessesHeat engines ThoroughfaresHeat pumps Use: RoadsSpace vehiclesStreetsThermodynamicsRelated Term(s): Heat Thought and thinkingQuantum theory Dewey: 153.4Use For: ThinkingThermometers Broader Term(s): Educational psychologyDewey: 536 PsychologyUse For: Thermometry Narrower Term(s):Attention968'