b'Translating and interpretingTransactional analysis Transformers, ElectricDewey: 158 Use: Electric transformersBroader Term(s): Psychotherapy Transgender peopleTransatlantic flights Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: AeronauticsFlights Dewey: 306.76Transcendental meditation Scope Note: Use for people who change theirphysical appearance to match theirDewey: 158.1 gender identity. Works on peopleBroader Term(s): Meditation who have the physical sexualTranscendentalism characteristics of both men andGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically women are entered under IntersexDewey: 141 people.Broader Term(s): Philosophy Use For: TGs (Transgender people)Related Term(s): Idealism Broader Term(s): LGBT peopleNarrower Term(s):Transgender teenagersTranscontinental journeys (American continent) Related Term(s): Intersex peopleUse: Overland journeys to the PacificTransgender teenagersTranscontinental journeys (Canada) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Overland journeys to the Pacific Dewey: 155.5; 362.7(Canada) Broader Term(s): TeenagersTranscultural studies Transgender peopleUse: Cross-cultural studies TransgenicsTransfer of technology Use: Genetic engineeringUse: Technology transfer TranshumanismTransfer payments Dewey: 599.9Scope Note: Use for materials on the use ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically technology to improve the humanDewey: 339.5 condition by eliminating aging andUse For: Government transfer payments enhancing human intellectual,Broader Term(s): Domestic economic assistance physical, and psychologicalEconomic policy capacities.Subsidies Broader Term(s): Human bodyTransfer paymentsCanada TechnologyDewey: 339.5 Transistor amplifiersScope Note: Use for materials on direct payments Dewey: 621.3815from one level of Canadian Use For: Amplifiers, Transistor; Audiogovernment to another or to amplifiers, Transistor; Transistorindividuals, including equalization audio amplifierspayments, social allowances, grants, Broader Term(s): Amplifiers (Electronics)and subsidies. TransistorsUse For: Government transfer payments Canada; Intergovernmental Transistor audio amplifierspaymentsCanada Use: Transistor amplifiersBroader Term(s): CanadaAppropriations andexpenditures TransistorsFinanceCanada Dewey: 621.3815Narrower Term(s):Social securityCanada Broader Term(s): ElectronicsSubsidiesCanada SemiconductorsNarrower Term(s):Transistor amplifiersTransfer taxUse: Inheritance and transfer tax Transit systemsUse: Local transitTransformation (Genetics)Use: Genetic transformation Translating and interpretingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically977'