b'Travel in literaturePipelines Traumatic stress syndromePostal service Use: Post-traumatic stress disorderRailroad travel TravelRailroads Dewey: 910Roads Scope Note: Use for materials on the art andSchool childrenTransportation enjoyment of travel and advice forShipping travelers. Descriptions of actualSteam navigation voyages are entered under VoyagesStreets and travels or under the name of aTrade routes place with the subdivisionTraffic engineering Description and travel. An accountTrucking of an extinct city or town by aVehicles traveler in ancient times is enteredWaterways under the name of the extinct city orWorld War, 1939-1945town, without further subdivision,Transportation e.g. Delphi (Extinct city).Related Term(s): Commerce Use For: Group travel; Journeys; TourismTransportationCanada See Also: names of cities (except extinctDewey: 388.0971 cities), countries, states, etc., withthe subdivision Description andTransportationPlanning travel, e.g. United States Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Description and travel; kinds ofDewey: 338 travel, e.g. Railroad travel; andBroader Term(s): Planning ethnic groups, classes of persons,Transportation of criminals and names of individuals with theUse: Penal colonies subdivision Travel, e.g. People withdisabilitiesTravel [to be addedTransportation, Highway as needed]Use: Highway transportation Broader Term(s): Manners and customsNarrower Term(s):Adventure travelTransportation, Military Air travelUse: Military transportation Automobile travelTranssexualism Bicycle touringGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Ocean travelDewey: 305.3; 616.85 People with disabilitiesTravelUse For: Transsexuality Railroad travelBroader Term(s): Gender role SafarisRelated Term(s): Sex reassignment surgery Travel in literatureVoyages around the worldTranssexuality Related Term(s): Tourist tradeUse: Transsexualism Voyages and travelsTransvestites TravelAuthorshipUse: Cross-dressers Use: Travel writingTrapping Travel booksGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Voyages and travelsDewey: 639 Voyages around the worldNarrower Term(s):Fur trade Travel guidesRelated Term(s): Game and game birds Use: Automobile travelGuidebooksHuntingTraumatic brain injury Travel guidesCanadaDewey: 617.4 Use: CanadaGuidebooksUse For: TBI Travel in literatureBroader Term(s): BrainWounds and injuries Dewey: 809Related Term(s): BrainConcussion979'