b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for materials about the theme of See Also: travelers from particular countries,travel in literature. Materials about e.g. American travelers; and ethnicnon-fiction travel writing, groups, classes of person, and namescollections of travel writings, and of individuals with the subdivisionaccounts of voyages and travels not Travel, e.g. PresidentsUnitedlimited to a single place are entered StatesTravel [to be added asunder Voyages and travels. needed]Accounts of voyages and travels Broader Term(s): Voyages and travelslimited to a single place are entered Narrower Term(s):American travelersunder the name of the place with the Related Term(s): Explorerssubdivision Description and travel.Use For: Voyages and travels in literature Traveling sales personnelBroader Term(s): LiteratureThemes Use: Sales personnelTravel TravelsRelated Term(s): Voyages and travels Use: Voyages and travelsTravel industry TravestyUse: Tourist trade Use: Burlesque (Theater)Travel to work ParodyUse: Commuting Tray gardensTravel trailers and campers Use: Miniature gardensGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically TreasonDewey: 629.226; 796.7 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for materials on structures Dewey: 364.1mounted upon a truck or towed by a Scope Note: Use for materials on the offense oftruck or automobile for the purpose acting to overthrow ones ownof temporary dwelling or cargo government or to harm or kill itshauling. Materials on stationary sovereign. Materials on any attempttransportable structures designed for to subvert, overthrow, or cause theyear-round living are entered under destruction of any established orMobile homes. legally constituted government areUse For: AutomobilesTrailers; Campers entered under Subversive activities.and trailers; House trailers; Pickup Use For: High treasoncampers; Trailers Broader Term(s): CrimeBroader Term(s): Camping Political crimes and offensesRecreational vehicles Subversive activitiesNarrower Term(s):Vans Related Term(s): TraitorsRelated Term(s): Mobile homesTravel writing Treasure troveGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Buried treasureDewey: 808 TreatiesScope Note: Use for materials about the art of Dewey: 341; 341.3travel writing. Materials about a See Also: names of countries with theparticular place are entered under subdivision Foreign relations the name of the place with the Treaties, and names of wars with thesubdivision Description and travel, subdivision Treaties [to be added ase.g. Chicago (Ill.)Description needed]and travel. Broader Term(s): DiplomacyUse For: TravelAuthorship International lawBroader Term(s): Authorship International relationsTravelers Narrower Term(s):International arbitrationUnited StatesForeign relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTreatiesDewey: 910.92; 920 World War, 1939-1945 Use For: Tourists; Voyagers Treaties980'