b'American literatureCollectionsAmerican influences on Canada See Also: genres of American literature withUse: CanadaCivilizationthe qualifier (Spanish) [to be addedAmerican influences as needed]American investmentsCanada Broader Term(s): American literatureDewey: 332.6; 382.0971 American literature17th and 18th centuriesUse For: Investments, AmericanCanada Dewey: 810Broader Term(s): Foreign investmentsCanada Use For: American literatureColonialAmerican letters periodDewey: 816 American literature19th centuryBroader Term(s): American literature Dewey: 810LettersAmerican literature American literature20th centuryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically by Dewey: 810state or region American literature21st centuryDewey: 810 Dewey: 810Scope Note: May be subdivided by the topicalsubdivisions and literary forms used American literatureAfrican American authorsunder English literature; or Dewey: 810.8; 810.9geographically by states or regions Scope Note: Use for collections or materialsof the United States for works by or about American literature by severalabout several authors from a state or African American authors, not forregion or writing abouta state or individual works. Use same patternregion, e.g. American literaturefor literatures and literary formsMassachusetts; American written by other ethnic groups orliteratureSouthern States; etc. classes of authors.See Also: various forms of American Use For: African American literature;literature, e.g. American poetry; American literature American satire; etc. [to be added Afro-American authors; Americanas needed] literatureBlack authors; BlackBroader Term(s): Literature literature (American)Narrower Term(s):American diaries See Also: particular forms of AmericanAmerican drama literature with the subdivisionAmerican essays African American authors; e.g.,American fiction American poetryAfricanAmerican letters American authors [to be added asAmerican literature (Spanish) needed]American poetry Narrower Term(s):Harlem RenaissanceAmerican prose literature American literatureAfro-American authorsAmerican satire Use: American literatureAfricanAmerican sermons American authorsAmerican speechesAmerican wit and humor American literatureAmerican Indian authorsBeat generation Use: American literatureNativeAmerican literature (Spanish) American authorsDewey: 860 American literatureBlack authorsScope Note: Use for materials on American Use: American literatureAfricanliterature written in Spanish. American authorsMaterials on American literature inEnglish written by American American literatureCollectionsauthors of Spanish or Latin Dewey: 810.8American origins are entered under Scope Note: Use for collections of both poetryAmerican literatureLatino and prose by several Americanauthors. authors. Collections consisting ofUse For: Latino literature (Spanish); Spanish prose only are entered underAmerican literature American prose literature;37'