b'Trusts and trusteesUse For: Diseases, Tropical; Tropical Truckingdiseases; Tropical hygiene Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySee Also: types of tropical diseases, e.g. Dewey: 388.3Yellow fever [to be added as Use For: Truck freightneeded] Broader Term(s): FreightBroader Term(s): Medicine TransportationNarrower Term(s):Yellow fever TrucksTropical rain forests Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Rain forests Dewey: 629.224Use For: Motor trucksTropics See Also: types of trucks and names ofDewey: 910.913 specific makes and models [to beSee Also: subjects with the subdivision added as needed]Tropics, e.g. AgricultureBroader Term(s): AutomobilesTropics or Tropical conditions, e.g. Highway transportationBuildingTropical conditions Motor vehicles[to be added as needed] Related Term(s): Materials handlingBroader Term(s): Earth TrucksWeightNarrower Term(s):AgricultureTropics Dewey: 629.224Troubadours True crime storiesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 364.15; 813.08Dewey: 920 Scope Note: Use for individual works,Broader Term(s): French poetry collections, or materials aboutMinstrels nonfiction crime narratives, writtenPoets like a novel for a popular audience,Trout fishing often focusing on various aspects ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically the police investigation or trial.Dewey: 799.1 Use For: Crime stories, True; NonfictionBroader Term(s): Fishing crime stories; Stories, True crimeBroader Term(s): Creative nonfictionTroy (Extinct city)Dewey: 939 TrustUse For: Ilium (Extinct city) Dewey: 158.2Broader Term(s): Extinct citiesTurkey Broader Term(s): Attitude (Psychology)TurkeyAntiquities EmotionsNarrower Term(s):Trojan War Trust companiesTruck crops Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Truck farming Dewey: 332.2Broader Term(s): BusinessTruck farming CorporationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Related Term(s): Banks and bankingDewey: 635 Trusts and trusteesUse For: Garden farming; Market gardening;Truck crops; Truck gardening Trust fundsBroader Term(s): Agriculture Use: Trusts and trusteesGardening TrusteesHorticulture Use: Trusts and trusteesRelated Term(s): Vegetable gardeningTruck freight Trusts and trusteesUse: Trucking Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 346.05Truck gardening Use For: Boards of trustees; Fiduciaries;Use: Truck farming Trust funds; TrusteesSee Also: types of trustees, e.g. Librarytrustees [to be added as needed]983'