b'Type and type-foundingBroader Term(s): Birds Twelve steps (Self-help)Poultry Use: Twelve-step programsTurkmenistan Twelve-step programsDewey: 958.5 Dewey: 362.29Use For: Programs, Twelve-step; TwelveTurncoats steps (Self-help)Use: Defectors See Also: names of specific twelve-stepprograms [to be added as needed]Turning Broader Term(s): Behavior modificationDewey: 621.9 Related Term(s): AlcoholismUse For: Lathe work; Wood turning Compulsive behaviorBroader Term(s): Carpentry Drug abuseManufacturing processesRelated Term(s): Lathes Twentieth centuryWoodwork Use: World history20th centuryTurnpikes (Modern) Twenty-first centuryUse: Express highways Use: World history21st centuryTurtles Twenty-four Sussex Drive (Ottawa, Ont.)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: 24 Sussex Drive (Ottawa, Ont.)Dewey: 597.92 Twenty-fourth of MayUse For: Terrapins; Tortoises Use: Victoria DayBroader Term(s): ReptilesTutoring TwinsUse: Tutors and tutoring Dewey: 155.44; 306.875Broader Term(s): Multiple birthTutors SiblingsUse: Tutors and tutoring Narrower Term(s):Conjoined twinsTutors and tutoring Twisters (Tornadoes)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: TornadoesDewey: 371.39 Twitter (Website)Scope Note: Use for general materials on Dewey: 004.69; 384.3one-on-one instruction. Materials on Broader Term(s): Social networkingthe adaptation of instruction to meet Websitesindividual needs within a group areentered under Individualized Two-career couplesinstruction. Use: Dual-career familiesUse For: Tutoring; TutorsBroader Term(s): Teaching Two-career familiesNarrower Term(s):Independent study Use: Dual-career familiesIndividualized instruction Two-career familyTutsi (African people) Use: Dual-career familiesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Two-income familiesDewey: 305.896 Use: Dual-career familiesBroader Term(s): AfricansIndigenous peoples Two-year collegesTV Use: Junior collegesUse: Television Type and type foundingTV personalities Use: Type and type-foundingUse: Television personalities Type and type-foundingTwelfth century Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: World history12th century Dewey: 686.2Use For: Type and type founding985'