b'United NationsFinancePlant shutdowns Union churchesUnemployed Use: Community churchesUnemployment insurance Union nationaleGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 324.2714Dewey: 368.4 Use For: UN (Political Party)Use For: Insurance, Unemployment; Labor Broader Term(s): Political partiesCanada Insurance Union of South AfricaBroader Term(s): Insurance Use: South AfricaRelated Term(s): Payroll taxesUnion of Soviet Socialist RepublicsUnfair competition Use: RussiaHistory1917-1991,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Soviet UnionDewey: 338.6Use For: Competition, Unfair; Fair trade; Union shopUnfair trade practices Use: Open and closed shopBroader Term(s): Commercial law Unions, LaborNarrower Term(s):Trade secrets Use: Labor unionsRelated Term(s): Restraint of tradeUnfair trade practices Unison speakingUse: Unfair competition Use: Choral speakingUngraded schools UnitarianismUse: Nongraded schools Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 289.1Unicorns Broader Term(s): Christian sectsDewey: 398.2454 CongregationalismBroader Term(s): Mythical animals United BrethrenUnidentified flying objects Use: MoraviansDewey: 001.942 United Church of CanadaUse For: Flying saucers; Saucers, Flying; Dewey: 287.9UFOsBroader Term(s): Aeronautics United Empire loyalistsAstronautics Dewey: 971.02Related Term(s): Human-alien encounters Use For: Loyalists, United EmpireUniforms Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1763-1791Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically United NationsDewey: 391.4 Dewey: 341.23See Also: classes of persons and names of Use For: UNindividual corporate bodies and Broader Term(s): International arbitrationmilitary services with the International cooperationsubdivision Uniforms, e.g. United International organizationStates. ArmyUniforms [to beadded as needed] United NationsArmed forcesBroader Term(s): Clothing and dress Dewey: 341.23; 355.3Costume Use For: Peace keeping forcesNarrower Term(s):Military uniforms Broader Term(s): Armed forcesUniforms, Military United NationsEmployeesUse: Military uniforms Use: United NationsOfficials andemployeesUniforms, NavalUse: Military uniforms United NationsFinanceDewey: 336.09; 341.23Union Act, 1841 Broader Term(s): FinanceUse: Canada. Union Act (1841)989'