b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUnited NationsInformation services Broader Term(s): BudgetUnited StatesDewey: 341.23Broader Term(s): Information services United StatesArchivesUnited NationsOfficials and employees Use: ArchivesUnited StatesDewey: 341.23 United StatesArmed forcesUse For: United NationsEmployees Dewey: 355.00973United States See Also: official names and branches of theDewey: 973 armed forces, e.g. United States.Scope Note: The subdivisions under United Army; United States. Navy; etc.States, with the exception of the [to be added as needed]period divisions of history, may be Broader Term(s): Armed forcesused under the name of any country Narrower Term(s):United States. Armyor region. The subdivisions under United States. NavyOhio may be used under names of United StatesArmed forcesGaysstates, and those under Chicago Use: LGBT people in the military(Ill.) under cities. Corporate nameheadings for corporate entities United StatesArmed forcesMilitary lifewithin the United States Dewey: 355.10973government, such as government Broader Term(s): Military personnelagencies and departments, which are United StatesArmed ForcesRecruiting andused either as authors or as subjects, enlistmenthave a period rather than a dash Dewey: 355.2between the parts, e.g. United Broader Term(s): Recruiting and enlistmentStates. Army; and may be added asneeded. United StatesAtlasesUse For: US; USA Use: United StatesMapsSee Also: regions of the United States andgroups of states, e.g. New England; United StatesBibliographySouthern States; etc. [to be added Dewey: 015.73; 16.973as needed] United StatesBicentennial celebrationsNarrower Term(s):Appalachian Region Use: American RevolutionAtlantic States Bicentennial, 1776-1976Gulf States (U.S.)Middle West United StatesBill of rightsMississippi River Valley Use: United States. Constitution.New England 1st-10th amendmentsOld NorthwestOld Southwest United StatesBio-bibliographyOregon Trail Dewey: 012Pacific Northwest United StatesBiographySouthern States Dewey: 920.073Southwestern States Broader Term(s): BiographyWest (U.S.)Related Term(s): Americans United StatesBiographyDictionariesUnited StatesAnnexations Dewey: 920.073Use: United StatesTerritorial United StatesBiographyPortraitsexpansion Dewey: 920.073United StatesAntiquities Use For: United StatesHistoryPortraitsDewey: 973 United StatesBoundariesBroader Term(s): Antiquities Dewey: 973United StatesAppropriations and expenditures Broader Term(s): BoundariesDewey: 352.4 United StatesBudgetUse For: Federal spending policy; Use: BudgetUnited StatesGovernment spending policy990'