b'United StatesElectionsUnited StatesCampaign funds United StatesConstitutional historyUse: Campaign fundsUnited States Use: Constitutional historyUnitedUnited StatesCanadian foreign opinion StatesUse: United StatesForeign opinion United StatesConstitutional law Canada Use: Constitutional lawUnitedUnited StatesCensus StatesDewey: 317.3; 352.7 United StatesConstitutionsBroader Term(s): Census Use: ConstitutionsUnited StatesUnited StatesCentennial celebrations, etc. United StatesCourtsDewey: 973 Use: CourtsUnited StatesNarrower Term(s):American Revolution United StatesCultural policyBicentennial, 1776-1976Use: Cultural policyUnited StatesUnited StatesChurch and state United StatesDefensesUse: Church and stateUnited StatesDewey: 355.4United StatesChurch history Broader Term(s): Military readinessDewey: 277.3 Narrower Term(s):Strategic Defense InitiativeUse For: Church historyUnited States; United StatesDescriptionUnited StatesReligious historyBroader Term(s): Church history Use: United StatesDescription andRelated Term(s): United StatesReligion travelUnited StatesCities and towns United StatesDescription and travelUse: Cities and townsUnited States Dewey: 917.3Use For: United StatesDescription;United StatesCivil defense United StatesTravelUse: Civil defenseUnited States Broader Term(s): GeographyUnited StatesCivil service United StatesDescription and travelGuidebooksUse: Civil serviceUnited States Use: United StatesGuidebooksUnited StatesCivilization United StatesDescription and travelViewsDewey: 973 Use: United StatesPictorial worksBroader Term(s): Civilization United StatesDiplomatic and consular serviceNarrower Term(s):AmericanaUse: American diplomatic andUnited StatesCivilization1960-1970 consular serviceDewey: 973.92 United StatesDirectoriesUnited StatesCivilization1970- Dewey: 917.30025Dewey: 973.92 Scope Note: Use for lists of names and addresses.United StatesCivilizationForeign influences Lists of names without addresses areentered under United States Dewey: 973 Registers.United StatesClimate Broader Term(s): DirectoriesDewey: 551.6973 Related Term(s): United StatesRegistersBroader Term(s): Climate United StatesEconomic conditionsUnited StatesCommerce Dewey: 330.973Dewey: 381; 382.0973 Use For: National resourcesBroader Term(s): Commerce Broader Term(s): Economic conditionsUnited StatesCommerceJapan United StatesEconomic policyDewey: 382 Use: Economic policyUnited StatesUnited StatesCommercial policy United StatesElectionsUse: Commercial policyUnited Use: ElectionsUnited StatesStates991'