b'Sears List of Subject Headingscollections of poetry are entered Collections or materials aboutunder American poetryliterature written in NativeCollections. American languages by severalNative American authors are enteredAmerican literatureColonial period under Native American literature.Use: American literature17th and Use For: American literatureAmerican18th centuries Indian authorsAmerican literatureLatin American authors American literatureSouthern StatesUse: American literatureLatino Dewey: 810authors Use For: Southern literatureAmerican literatureLatino authors American literatureWomen authorsDewey: 810.8 Dewey: 810.8; 810.9Scope Note: Use for materials on American Scope Note: Use for collections or for materialsliterature in English written by about several American womenAmerican authors of Spanish or authors.Latin American origins. Materialson American literature written in American LoyalistsSpanish are entered under Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAmerican literature (Spanish). Dewey: 973.3Use For: American literatureLatin Use For: Loyalists, American; Tories,American authors; Latino literature American(English) Broader Term(s): United StatesHistory See Also: genres of American literature with 1775-1783, Revolutionthe subdivision Latino authors; and American military assistanceAmerican literature and genres of Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyAmerican literature with Dewey: 355subdivisions for specific groups of Use For: Military assistance, AmericanLatino authors, e.g. American Broader Term(s): Military assistanceliteratureMexican Americanauthors [to be added as needed] American motion picturesNarrower Term(s):American literatureMexican Use: Motion picturesUnited StatesAmerican authorsAmerican musicAmerican literatureMassachusetts Dewey: 780.973Dewey: 810 Use For: Music, AmericanAmerican literatureMexican American authors Broader Term(s): MusicDewey: 810 American musiciansScope Note: Use for materials on American Use: MusiciansUnited Statesliterature written in English byAmerican authors of Mexican American national characteristicsorigins. Dewey: 306.0973; 973Use For: Chicano literature (English); Use For: American characteristics; NationalMexican American literature characteristics, American; United(English) StatesNational characteristicsSee Also: genres of American literature with Broader Term(s): National characteristicsthe subdivision Mexican American American national songsauthors [to be added as needed] Use: National songsUnited StatesBroader Term(s): American literatureLatinoauthors American newspapersAmerican literatureNative American authors Use: NewspapersUnited StatesDewey: 810.8 American novelistsScope Note: Use for collections or materials Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyabout American literature written in Dewey: 813.009; 920English by several Native American Use For: Novelists, Americanauthors, not for individual works. Broader Term(s): American authors38'