b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUnited StatesEmigration and immigration United StatesForeign economic relationsUse: United StatesImmigration and Dewey: 337.73emigration Use For: Foreign economic relations United StatesEmployees United StatesBroader Term(s): International economic relationsUse: United StatesOfficials andemployees United StatesForeign economic relations United StatesEnvironmental policy CanadaUse: Environmental policyUnited Dewey: 337.73071States Use For: American-Canadian relations;Canadian-American relationsUnited StatesEthnic relations United StatesForeign opinionDewey: 305.8 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUnited StatesEthnology Dewey: 303.3; 973Use: EthnologyUnited States Scope Note: Use for materials on foreign publicopinion about the United States.United StatesExecutive departments May be further subdivided by theUse: Executive departmentsUnited country holding the opinion, e.g.States United StatesForeign opinionUnited StatesExecutive departments France.Reorganization Use For: Anti-Americanism;Antiamericanism; United States Use: Administrative agenciesForeign public opinionReorganizationUnited Broader Term(s): Public opinionStatesUnited StatesExecutive power United StatesForeign opinionCanadaDewey: 303.3; 973Use: Executive powerUnited States Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianUnited StatesExploration public opinion about the UnitedDewey: 973 States.;Use For: ExplorationUnited States Use For: Canadian opinion of the UnitedBroader Term(s): AmericaExploration States; United StatesCanadianExploration foreign opinion; United States Narrower Term(s):West (U.S.)Exploration Foreign opinion, CanadianUnited StatesExploring expeditions United StatesForeign opinionFranceDewey: 910.973; 973 Dewey: 303.3; 973Scope Note: Use for materials on exploring Scope Note: Use for materials on French publicexpeditions sponsored by the United opinion about the United States.States. Materials on early United StatesForeign opinion, Canadianexploration of a particular place are Use: United StatesForeign opinionentered under the name of the placeCanadawith the subdivision Exploration.Use For: American exploring expeditions United StatesForeign policySee Also: names of expeditions, e.g. Lewis Use: United StatesForeign relationsand Clark Expedition (1804-1806) United StatesForeign population[to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Explorers Use: ImmigrantsUnited StatesNarrower Term(s):Lewis and Clark Expedition NoncitizensUnited States(1804-1806) United StatesForeign public opinionUnited StatesFiscal policy Use: United StatesForeign opinionUse: Fiscal policyUnited States United StatesForeign relationsUnited StatesFlags Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: FlagsUnited States Dewey: 327.73Scope Note: When further subdividinggeographically, provide an992'