b'United StatesHistory1689-1697, King Williams Waradditional subject entry with the two United StatesHistoric buildingsplaces in reversed positions, i.e. Use: Historic buildingsUnitedUnited StatesForeign relations States Iran and also IranForeign United StatesHistorical geographyrelationsUnited States. Dewey: 911Use For: United StatesForeign policy Broader Term(s): Historical geographyBroader Term(s): DiplomacyInternational relations United StatesHistorical geographyMapsWorld politics Dewey: 911Narrower Term(s):Monroe Doctrine Broader Term(s): United StatesMapsRelated Term(s): NeutralityUnited States United StatesHistoriographyUnited StatesForeign relationsCanada Dewey: 973.07Dewey: 327.73071 Use For: United StatesHistory Use For: American-Canadian relations; HistoriographyCanadian-American relations Broader Term(s): HistoriographyUnited StatesForeign relationsIran United StatesHistoryDewey: 327.73055 Dewey: 973Narrower Term(s):Iran hostage crisis, 1979-1981 Use For: American historyNarrower Term(s):AmericanaUnited StatesForeign relationsTreaties Constitutional historyUnitedDewey: 327.73; 341.3 StatesUse For: United StatesTreaties Southern StatesHistoryBroader Term(s): Treaties West (U.S.)HistoryUnited StatesGazetteers United StatesHistory1600-1775, ColonialDewey: 917.3003 periodBroader Term(s): Gazetteers Dewey: 973.2United StatesGeographic names Scope Note: Use for materials on AmericanUse: Geographic namesUnited history from the earliest permanentStates English settlements on the Atlanticcoast up to the AmericanUnited StatesGeography Revolution. Materials on the periodDewey: 917.3 of discovery are entered underBroader Term(s): Geography United StatesExploration.United StatesGovernment Use For: American colonies; Colonial historyUse: United StatesPolitics and (U.S.)government Narrower Term(s):Bacons Rebellion, 1676King Philips War, 1675-1676United StatesGovernment buildings Pilgrims (New England colonists)Use: Public buildingsUnited States Pontiacs Conspiracy, 1763-1765United StatesHistory United StatesGovernment employees 1689-1697, King Williams WarUse: United StatesOfficials and United StatesHistory employees 1755-1763, French and IndianUnited StatesGovernment publications WarUse: Government publicationsUnited StatesHistory1675-1676, King PhilipsUnited States WarUnited StatesGovernmental investigations Use: King Philips War, 1675-1676Use: Governmental investigationsUnited StatesHistory1689-1697, KingUnited States Williams WarUnited StatesGuidebooks Dewey: 973.2Dewey: 917.304 Use For: King Williams War, 1689-1697Use For: United StatesDescription and Broader Term(s): Native AmericansWarstravelGuidebooks993'