b'United StatesHistory20th centuryUnited StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarUnited StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil War Centennial celebrations, etc. ReconstructionDewey: 973.7 Use: Reconstruction (1865-1876)United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarUnited StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil War Drama SourcesDewey: 808.82; 812 Dewey: 973.7Scope Note: Use for collections of plays dealing United StatesHistory1865-1898with the Civil War.Broader Term(s): Historical drama Dewey: 973.8Narrower Term(s):Reconstruction (1865-1876)United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarSpanish-American War, 1898Fiction United StatesHistory1898, War of 1898Dewey: 808.83; 813 Use: Spanish-American War, 1898Scope Note: Use for collections of stories dealingwith the Civil War. United StatesHistory1898-1919United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarDewey: 973.9; 973.91Health aspects Narrower Term(s):Spanish-American War, 1898Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically United StatesHistory1914-1918, World WarDewey: 973.7 Use: World War, 1914-1918UnitedUnited StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarStatesHistoriography United StatesHistory1919-1933Dewey: 973.7 Dewey: 973.91Broader Term(s): Historiography United StatesHistory1933-1945United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarDewey: 973.917Medical care Narrower Term(s):New Deal, 1933-1939Dewey: 973.7 United StatesHistory1939-1945, World WarBroader Term(s): Medical care Use: World War, 1939-1945UnitedUnited StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarStatesNaval operations United StatesHistory1945-Dewey: 973.7 Dewey: 973.92United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarUnited StatesHistory1945-1953Personal narratives Dewey: 973.918Dewey: 973.7Scope Note: Use for collective or individual United StatesHistory1953-1961eyewitness reports or Dewey: 973.921autobiographical accounts of the United StatesHistory1961-1974war in general. Accounts limited to Dewey: 973.92a specific topic are entered under Narrower Term(s):Vietnam War, 1961-1975that topic. Watergate Affair, 1972-1974Broader Term(s): AutobiographiesBiography United StatesHistory1974-1989United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarDewey: 973.92Pictorial works United StatesHistory1989-Dewey: 973.7022 Dewey: 973.928Narrower Term(s):Persian Gulf War, 1991United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil War Prisoners and prisons United StatesHistory19th centuryDewey: 973.7 Dewey: 973.5Broader Term(s): Prisoners of war United StatesHistory20th centuryPrisons Dewey: 973.9995'