b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUnited StatesHistory21st century Broader Term(s): HistorySocietiesDewey: 973.93United StatesHistoryBibliography United StatesHistorySourcesDewey: 016.973 Dewey: 973United StatesHistoryChronology United StatesHistoryStudy and teachingDewey: 973 Dewey: 973.07Narrower Term(s):United StatesHistory United StatesHistoryDictionaries ExaminationsDewey: 973.03 United StatesHistory Broader Term(s): HistoryDictionaries Outlines, syllabi, etc.United StatesHistoryDrama United StatesImmigration and emigrationDewey: 808.82 Dewey: 325; 325.73Scope Note: Use for collections of plays dealing Use For: United StatesEmigration andwith American history. immigrationBroader Term(s): Historical drama See Also: names of immigrant groups, e.g.Mexican Americans; Mexicans United StatesHistoryExaminations United States [to be added asDewey: 973.076 needed]Use For: United StatesHistoryBroader Term(s): AmericanizationExaminations, questions, etc. Immigration and emigrationBroader Term(s): United StatesHistoryStudy Related Term(s): ImmigrantsUnited Statesand teaching NoncitizensUnited StatesUnited StatesHistoryExaminations, questions, United StatesIndustrial policyetc. Use: Industrial policyUnited StatesUse: United StatesHistoryUnited StatesIndustriesExaminations Use: IndustriesUnited StatesUnited StatesHistoryFiction United StatesInsular possessionsDewey: 808.83; 813 Use: United StatesTerritories andScope Note: Use for collections of stories dealing possessionswith American history.United StatesHistoryHistoriography United StatesIntellectual lifeUse: United StatesHistoriography Dewey: 973Broader Term(s): Intellectual lifeUnited StatesHistoryLibrary resources United StatesIntelligence serviceDewey: 973.07 Use: Intelligence serviceUnitedUnited StatesHistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc. StatesDewey: 973.02 United StatesInternal securityBroader Term(s): United StatesHistoryStudy Use: Internal securityUnited Statesand teachingUnited StatesHistoryPeriodicals United StatesLand settlementDewey: 973.05 Use: Land settlementUnited StatesUnited StatesHistoryPoetry United StatesLand surveysDewey: 808.81; 811 Use: United StatesSurveysScope Note: Use for collections of poetry dealing United StatesLanguageswith American history. Dewey: 306.44Broader Term(s): Historical poetry Scope Note: Use for materials on the severalUnited StatesHistoryPortraits languages spoken in the UnitedUse: United StatesBiographyStates.Portraits United StatesLawUnited StatesHistorySocieties Use: LawUnited StatesDewey: 973.06996'